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  1. Build Implementation Settlement name : Paladia Settlement Cords [Main server] : 998 / 162 / 1947 Your settlement is a Camp/Town/Settlment : Camp Discord name: KremePuff#4574 Leader of settlement [MCNAME] : KremePufff
  2. [!] Carefully pinned on posts along the main roads, as well as outside of major settlements... One in particular is placed upon Ser Pendragon's notice board [!] ---------- ---------- Friends, The people of Anoma have gone through dark times throughout the decade or so that we've been here. Settlements have risen and fallen, bandits have roamed the roads, and corruption has spread substantially. However, as citizens of this land we've been able to push through them, and work together to achieve common goals. The cold in the south was pushed back, demons were slain and
  3. [!] Carefully pinned on posts along the main roads, as well as outside of major settlements [!] ---------- ---------- Friends, Today I write to you with terrible news. Winter is here at the most unnatural of times, and everyone may have to face what comes with it. The armies of the Undead will march onto our lands within one Elven Day of me writing this letter. I do not know their numbers, the exact time, their weaknesses, or any other details other than that they are on the way. I suggest that the settlements and nations work together to deal with this threat. I dou
  4. 1. Character Name: Hela 2. Character Backstory: Being born in the north has its own pros and cons. For starters, families are much closer together, and have tighter bonds. The harsh environment of the Tundra forces those that live within it to work together. As for the cons… it is much easier to be discarded. If you can’t provide for the group like everyone else, you’re as good as dead. To go along with this, it is much easier to discard someone or something than welcome them with open arms. This is the conflict Hela and her clan members experienced on the day of her birth. Hel
  5. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Vestele Vestele was born towards the end of the 200 year conflict, and grew up in a world torn by the damages of war. Battles were raged nonstop, allies and enemies fell in great numbers, and insufferable losses were faced on both sides. The longer it went, the more people thought the conflict would never end. Despite this, her kin fearlessly jumped into the fray to the Gaian’s aid. They all became legends told to the younger of her kind to bolster their fighting spirit, and push them through to the front lines to become l
  6. MC Name(s): KrrispyKreme Your Age: 19 Timezone: CST Discord: Kreme#4574 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Yes! Define Metagaming: Using out of character knowledge to get an unfair advantage in the game. Ex. Telling your friends on discord that you're captured so that they come and save you. Especially if they weren't there to see it happen. Define Powergaming: Not allowing a chance for another player to respond upon making an action on their character, for instance auto resolving an attack before allowing them to eve
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