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  1. Minecraft Username(s): Cyprian1043Your Age: 20Timezone: PSTDiscord Tag: CyprianCyberniskos#3032What do you enjoy doing in your freetime?: I enjoy playing games with the boys, writing on occasion, and mountain biking. What drove you to apply for the lore team?: I had a few friends tell me to try and become LT as I tend to write often according to them and due to the fact I've written or assisted with lore pieces in the past.How do you work in a group?: I'm a team player of course, I can work with other people proficiently when needed. I can even work with those I don't necessaril
  2. Minecraft Username(s): Cyprian1034Your Age: 21Timezone: PSTDiscord Tag: CyprianCyberniskos#3032What brings you to the LF Event Team? What goals do you have, should you be accepted?: I wanted to bring activity and life into the server before hand, but life issues caused me to disappear for a time. I'm now attempting to rejoin the event team so that I may put my time and effort into it. I wish to assist with the mind-numbing paperwork that ET's have been tasked with by the LT's and I'd like to create more events that are ocean based.Do you have any prior experience in DMing?
  3. Is this a Settlement or a Free Plot?: Settlement If you said ‘Settlement’, what is the name of your settlement: Fidelitas If you said ‘Free Plot’, who is the leader? (If there isn’t a specific leader, I am going to assume it is whoever made the request).: MystelPistol, Cyprian1034
  4. Basic Laws Laws on Free Speech Allows for a person to speak their mind regarding how they feel. This is disallowed should such speech is a call to action I.E: shouting fire in a crowded building. This also included speaking ill against the emperor and his glorious Empire. [*]Citizens are allowed to dress how they please so long as they are not terribly scandalous or completely nude. [*]Citizens are not allowed to defame a person by spreading false rumors or lying to guards. This shall be met with a hefty fine of 350 gold as well as possible jail time and public shaming if seen fit. [*]A
  5. Governor They hold power similar to that of a consul or pro-consul within the senate. They have a near autocratic power over their provinces, only being checked by the senate within the old world. They have the power to hand out titles, establish cities, and levy legions in the name of the Gravican Empire. They are ultimately in charge of the settlements within their province. Law-making Body Plebian Tribune Under the heavy influence of the government from the old world, it has been deemed viable that mimicking such structures may be just as successful in the new world. The Tribune is
  6. [!] A reply would be announced from the depths of the Praetorian lines. "We did as your people asked us, we do not seek to kill off his bloodline or any of your people. We simply prevented the spread of Voudr and the rat disease that spreads under your city. We wanted more time to allow your people to do the revolution themselves, but your king was dragging you into a war that would have ended in your deaths and subjugation. If you wish to rebuild, I offer my own hands to help you in such endeavors, but Calois can not be revived from the pestilence."
  7. The Notes of Cyprian Praetori I came to Anoma in hopes of expanding the influence of the emperor of Gravica, overall my love was for home and the empire. I followed the Praetori Patriarch, Caducus Coepi Praetori to the new world to build a home in this new land. We had little intention of building a settlement without the proper permission from the emperor, but we were gifted enough land to build a villa. Through time other fellow travelers required a home and our patriarch was kind enough to allow them into our home. This began to establish a greater presence of Praetorians in the new world
  9. HISTORY The Praetori family was first founded by Calarious son of Zoel in the times of Gravican Rise. Calarious was a simple man like many other early Gravicans, seeking wealth and glory for his family. During the rise of many legions, Calarious found an opportunity to enlist in the sixteenth legion as mere Auxiliary. He wasn’t expected to survive the harsh realities that an auxiliary typically face in battle, but under Sequestus’ guidance, he survived the onslaught of barbarians and abuse that the legion faced. It wasn’t till he established himself as a worthy Gravican after a battle with a
  10. Cyprian Praetori could be seen praising the new agreement.
  11. Praetori-Dema’Ru Treaty Under the power and privileges given to the Praetori family by the Gravican Empire, we here-by agree to the following terms and tribulations. The Praetori family accepts and understands the responsibility of protecting and preserving the land and culture of the Dema’Ru. They are to be considered equals and have the full right to participate in all political matters pertaining to the fate of the province. Under this agreement, both parties understand and respect the decision to merge both lands together in common interest. The Praetori Family, once recognized as a pr
  12. Cyprian Praetori stopped hammering a new gladius as an Auxiliary approached him with a piece of paper, upon reading it he responded with simple words. "These barbarians are fools, they've screwed us all, our one and only connection to the old world is lost and so is its technology." Cyprian Sighed deeply in regret. "Now we're stuck here with barbarians and brigands. The barbarian scum will learn of Gravica's might and it will not stand for this. I promise you that if the legion calls upon me and my family we WILL answer the call. AVE GRAVICA, AVE PRAETORI"
  13. MC Name(s): Cyprian1034, Cyprian1043 Your Age: 20 Timezone: PST Discord: Cypriancyberniskos#3032 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Yes, Gmod, Minecraft, Arma 3, Discord RP, ect. Define Metagaming: Knowing information and rping that your character knows that same information without the proper RP to back it up. Define Powergaming: Unfairly playing as if you're an invincible god and unrealistically doing things in RP. Aka, Dodging everything during combat and making lethal blows against your opponent without anything t
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