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  1. The issue with this system is that it also seems to swing into an extremity by being too centralized. There are a few problems that I'll point out, first beginning with the perks of the capitols: A 200x200 slice of land Nation advertising in the information tab of the main discord The ability to have an outpost. Staff-Assisted roleplay as to bolster racial nation activity. The ability to have 2 mines. I personally don't care for the ability of a capitol to have a 200x200 slice of land nor the ability to have two mines, b
  2. Wizry

    Jointed Report

    Edited to make it clearer to the reader. Thank you for the comment so I can correct this mistake.
  3. Wizry

    Jointed Report

    This report that has the following players involved in it (Severus__Snape, samsam58, Founder_Yuna, ElvenMommaHacker, _Twi, Dream___, Sphookas, DjCrips, and Hoster102) is extremely flawed in content as it has multiple things that are taken completely out of context and is willfully misleading the readers of this report. In this post, we shall be discussing how this report misleads people into believing that unstoppablesauce lied to Mystery about having done a reclamation event when he had been told that he had and would be doing a reclamation event - Rendering this a miscommunication between st
  4. The War Production Board Bill BE IT ENACTED BY THE CONGRESS HERE ASSEMBLED THAT: SECTION 1. That the War Production Board will be established within the Alerian Government. SECTION 2. The Alerian Government is defined as the whole Federal governance of Aleria and any states falling under its national jurisdiction. The War Production Board is an Executive agency that shall administer all payments to those that produce objects specifically for the usage of the Alerian Government’s armed forces. All payments to producer
  5. A Joint-Resolution to Establish the Triumvirate Alliance WHEREAS, Consul Fabius of the Alerian Republic, Lord Admiral Orbanith of Port Faltane, Sir Eadwulf de Lancashire of Achilleon have met in discussion; and WHEREAS, Established the beginnings of an alliance that would assist one another in military conflicts of a defensive measure, being an obligation that any attack on one nation is an attack on all others; and WHEREAS, Declared that any daemonic or undead influence will not be tolerated, resulting in any influence being purged through a joint-effort between the nati
  6. Declaration of War Against Goz-Bog "A true friend, is one that will take a bullet for you in the war." - Italian Proverb Actions against Rhosland and it's government are actions unto Aleria itself. To defend it's ally in the time of necessity, the Alerian Legion marched to war against Goz-Bog and his cultists, intending on the death of the Rehks and their state. [Private to the Alerian Legion, the Alerian Government, and Maeve Gwynn.] @Dream____ @blackhand7
  7. The Alerian Government, though mostly focused on the demonic menace that lies throughout Anoma, will often be forced by obligation or by morality to use its sword to war against other threats in the land itself.
  8. The ranged system on this server, in mine and a few other's beliefs, require fixing due to how weakened it is in a range sense, while becoming a bit too powerful when hitting someone. In fixing that system, we've devised our own to make ranged weapons stronger - It also enables the breaking of weapons, something that a few staff members have begun associating as a larger problem now that the profession system has begun to create more and more items. When looking over this system, (which is presented side by side the original), one will be able to see that siege weapons
  9. The Return of the Enemy [The information within would be privy to the Alerian Legion and one Ferrous Orbanith] Names: Cyra Silverias, Silhouette, Elric Ruslan, Lucius Fabius, and Ferrous Orbanith. Location: Aleria Supplies Used by the State: Two horses, several platinum spears, maille armour, longswords, heater shields, and one bow. Resources Secured by the State: None. Mission Statement: The Alerian State sent out its men, helped alongside a friendly Courier who was compensated for his assistance, when faced with a daemonic enem
  10. The following threads follow the Alerian Legion and its associates throughout their various military endeavours. All after-action reports are privy to the sight of the Executive Branch and those that it sees as able to sight it.
  11. "My first recollection is that of a bugle call. " - Douglas MacArthur - Important Info - - Relations - Format:
  12. A Joint-Resolution to Establish the Alerian-Rhosian Alliance WHEREAS, Consul Fabius and the Rhosland Regent, Rhoslyn, have met in negotiation; and WHEREAS, Established the beginnings of an alliance that would assist one another in military conflicts of a defensive measure; and WHEREAS, Allowance for Alerian laws to apply to Rhosians inside Alerian boundaries on the presumption that a Rhosian lawyer will be allowed to assist the person of interest through Alerian due process; and WHEREAS, Rhosian laws shall be applied to Alerian citizens on the presumption of an Aler
  13. The legislative body of the Alerian Government, the Senate, often archives it's passed legislation to make sure that it cannot be reintroduced to the representatives over and over. Furthermore, it is an archive that the Executive Branch and Judicial Branch often calls on to ask how to enforce the legislation and if the legislation is properly made.
  14. I Rights of a Citizen The rights of the citizens of Aleria are, from this day forth, set into stone via this document. From this day forth, the government shall observe and ensure the rights of the people under its jurisdiction with unswerving obedience. This also puts the onus of the citizen to obey all laws given by the government, unless it is in complete violation of their respective rights. The government shall make no attempts to usurp said rights, lest the contractual agreement between the Government and it’s subjects be canceled, and a new government b
  15. Preamble: In order to sustain a more perfect government able to defend the rights and liberties of the Alerian People, this here Constitution is ordained. Article 1 - The Articles of Government Section 1: The Senate “In the Senate, we cannot do great things without reaching across the aisle and working together - and I look forward to the challenges ahead.” - Richard Burr The Senate shall consist of uneven numbers of Senators elected through a popular election that occurs every 2 tsels (3 OOC Months). This popular election will only require a s
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