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  1. The former King of the Sandcastle, Johannus, nods his head at this personal mention "Weh now Oi go'a be der.."
  2. Johannus reads over this poster with a raised eyebrow "Who's tha'? Nevah 'eard of 'em"
  3. Johannus reads this document with a double feeling, he then began to write a letter back to Grom "I should be there too, Signed Johannus" He writes down and gives it to a letterboy to send it Grom
  4. Johannus nods proudly to this feat of his contact, his smile growing from ear to ear "Dis be jolleh guu' news!"
  5. Veritas 7th of the Craven Xulzei [!] A painting of The Handsome First mate spreading the word The Handsome First Mate is walking around Anoma pinning letters to the walls of every settlement and capital. To most it was a familiar looking man. The Pinned Letter Reads Thusly, “You are all invited to attend the grand formation of the Republic. Everyone is allowed to come and partake in an open forum and celebration. With the departure of the old ruling family, the people of Veritas have decided to form a new, rarely seen kind of governance, whe
  6. Veritas 5th of Noble Grysei [!] A painting of Veritas Veritas stood tall amongst the grass of Anoma’s coastline, the sandstone town was built to be a safe haven for outcasts and freedom seekers. The promise of freedom and fortune were the biggest reason many Pelagians came to Veritas in the first place. The Flaccid Cod moored into the port of Veritas for the same reason. Their crew were in awe and started mingling with Anoma’s inhabitants. The crew of this ship would strike gold in their trade deals and other dealings they did. The dream didn't seem to la
  7. Minecraft Username(s): Pyrexie / Pyrextra Your Age: 21 Timezone: CET Discord Tag: Pyrexie#7662 How much free time in hours per week do you believe yourself able to put into Lost Fables?: Around 10 to 20 Do you have prior experience on a Staff team for Roleplay? If so, what were your duties?: I do not have any experience on staff, but i have paid close attention to staff and to my friends who are staff. Do you have experience in any of the following? Check all that apply.: Google Drive Conflict Resolution Customer Service Do you have experience DM
  8. Michael would nod proudly, attending mostly all things!
  9. "Ave praetori, Ave Gravica!" A hardend Michael would shout
  10. Michael Praetori nods in approval of the agreement.
  11. MC Name(s): Pyrexie Your Age: 21 Timezone: GMT+1 Discord: Pyrexie#7662 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): I have played my fairshare of D&D games but I am rather new to Minecraft Roleplay! Define Metagaming: Metagaming is using information in Roleplay that isn't aquired through Roleplay, for example going to a location because there is a fight due to you being messaged on discord. Define Powergaming: Powergaming is doing an action to your opponent that he can't block, or do anything against. For example saying in
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