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  1. Small update on relations and art.
  2. I'll give her a high five
  3. That's why i was thinking to make the procedure of crafting much more 'harsh', thus if someone does x detailted thing is reward with their high quality system. But yes, i kinda meant that. I understand, it might be 'not fair', since there's some whose been involved about this system a lot. And has worked to reach high skill for so long. But my point is, to remove the exp system. And just reward people who put effort in their emotes in that smithy thing or etc. It's not something i do often, but there are some people who 'backstory' to being able to smith, or just the put their OOC know
  4. Again, it may've a 'reason', but they're uneeded. A cheap isn't a very good quality item. In general, the proffesion system is utterly stressing, and there are way to make it easier, quicker. At least, until the plugin is out, which it will take too long to being created. (And i've used moderate for a 'reference', a decent thing but not too good.)
  5. Nah, the point is. The 'normal' quality will be moderate, cheap will occur only if someone faills to craft something better.
  6. The profession system has always been a discussed topic since the server's inception. And many can say that it is a system, which is really stressful at some point, which slows the server down further. Both for armor / weapons, towards the 'cooking'. With the many kinds of qualities, which some are uneeded. So why not decrease the qualities only to five: Natural: Natural items come from nature and therefore do not have a quality that can be applied to them. Cheap: Poor, Inferior, Lacking, Shoddy A poorly crafted item of rather disgraceful quality. It’s often created as a result of s
  7. Let's not talk about that very very bad event. And will make stuhac come back, just to murder Nie.
  8. Demon man who was created to being a mercenary but who ended up becoming the lord of a respected city of blooded
  9. Minecraft Username(s): Djcrips Your Age: 19 Timezone: gmt+2 italian Discord Tag: Fooldude#7120 What brings you to the LF Event Team? What goals do you have, should you be accepted?: is to create a compelling story for the players, something that can give them a devolp, and that makes them 'happy'. Help in general with item reqs, to make the life of all other members stressful. And support team leads as much as possible. It has always been a passion of mine to create exciting stories for others. Or in general create stories. I love to write, and normally if I commit m
  10. Fooldude

    Jointed Report

    You should read Func's comment, because he explained it better than i did. [31Aug2020 23:39:58.103] [Render thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.client.gui.NewChatGui/]: [CHAT] [S-OOC] DjCrips: ok,,, he can overstrenght me. I'm gonna emote, i guess. By that, I meant that I would've emote . Not the way I wanted, and no - I wasn't passive aggressive, I was just typing normally. Idk, if you've somehow perceived my comments as passive, aggressive. I was arguing the possible mistake you were making, since in no way he could've slided/blocked the greatsword coming from above, with heavy wounds vs a
  11. Don't stalk my profile, dad. 👉👈

  12. Fooldude

    Jointed Report

    @Dancan1 Alright, now I start; First off, no offense - I think you missed my point of the comment. I have specified that helping friends in such events should be handled by another moderator, instead of you, i was not saying 'you're so bad because you're biased'. Now, I don't know if founder is close friends like Hugh and company with you, but let me re-phrase it: Someone might be biased for a situation that benefits them. Since both of your character (not in that fight) are involved between this sort of 'war', and both are against the winter elves. All I say, you shouldn't be in control
  13. Fooldude

    Jointed Report

    I'll be honest, I'm glad you apologized. I'm not person whose bring s grudge on mineman rp server, but this is the second time you've got mad at me for IC reasons of your actions(No, i haven't been tp'd away and you started to insult me by saying 'STFU DJCRIPS'. Dunno if Pup took that ss, and i haven't answered 'badly' at that. I even said sorry), and i was kinda afraid to post things on this report, to avoid further flame or being harassed again, i'm already stressed about my irl problems, but now I'll start having my say. Regarding my situation, I have nothing to do with hugh's. So I can't s
  14. Changed everything. Yes, tattoos are a flavor, not tough like stone.
  15. Shut up demon!!! please, mno nononon on
  16. Name: Eiliin Anluan, Kalabhiti Name meanings: Anluan=Light. Kalabhiti= Of whom death is afraid; Long Lived; Immortal; Eternal; Forever. Race: Giant-blood, Undead. Former Dwarf. Titles: Grand knight. Birthday: ??? Sexuality: Asexual Marital Status: Neh Height: 6'6 Voice: Feats: Immortality. has reborn in a new life. Being attuned with the champion of Cov. Forming a group of cultist, and alliance between her and the winter elves. Found out what was causing the winter, Pursuing to gain such a i
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