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  1. claimed and done if you wanne see your plot type /Plot visit LucyDragonFire 1
  2. ☲Treaty of Scales and Steel☲ The Chieftdom of Parsha and The Drachev hold of Whitehall have here by agreed to the following: - Parsha & Whitehall agree to perform a non-aggressive pact. - Parsha & Whitehall have agreed to share all general knowledge. - Parsha & Whitehall have agreed to a trade pact. [OOC: The offical pact can only been seen IRP]
  3. Draqthul Flamescale AKA Chieftain of the ashenclaw, Bonesmith of parsha A tall javali male- Draqthull is always ready for battle, by using his bone weapons and pyrokinesis to fight anything in his way! General Information about Draqthull Age: 35 Ages Gender: Male Race: Javali - Lizardfolk Languages: Javali, Common Relationship Status: Taken Likes: Fighting, Weapons, Writing, Collecting beast parts, Begashi Bisons Dislikes: Cheese, Krakens Physical Description: Draqthull is a 7'0 Javali, covered in Red scales and adorned with Gray frills.
  4. Build Implementation Rules Everyone is eager to get their builds pasted onto the Main World, but there are some rules to make it effective and easy to work with, for both the players and the Build Team Members. There are four major points to hit, (Build Request, Settlements, Free Plots & Material Exchange) so our players can get to roleplay in your beautifully built settlements. Build Request Build Request is the form that you need to fill out, in order to have a Build Team Member assigned to your request. This has to be done before you have your terrain pas
  5. Build Implementation Settlement name : Settlement Cords [Main server] : Your settlement is a Camp/Town/Settlment : Discord name: Leader of settlement [MCNAME] : Example Settlement name : Parsha Settlement Cords [Main server] : 2301 60 2316 Your settlement is a Camp/Settlement/Capital : Settlment Discord name: Golem#4690 Leader of settlement [MCNAME] : GodModeJavali
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