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  1. ꕤ ~ Wedding of Helgrod Ironseeker and Stella Sweetleaf ~ ꕤ Around the hills of Potatil and within the depths of the Whitehall hold, there could be seen an increase in commotion. Some Karmeny would be sharpening swords and polishing their best armor, while a few Gorney began to prepare bouquets of flowers. A very joyful Golemancer Karmeny could be seen directing fellow white-haired Karmeny and Golems where to put their chairs and tables. On the other hand would be a Gorney with red-stained finger tips could be seen sorting through silks, menus, and more with a large grin. 

  2. Minecraft Username(s): Punkinator919Your Age: 20Timezone: ESTDiscord Tag: punkinator919#9622What do you enjoy doing in your freetime?: Playing LF, hosting parties, What drove you to apply for the lore team?: I am honestly really tired of QOL and players falling to the wayside because there simply isn't enough man power. Additionally I desperately want to help with updating plant, metal, and all the other basic material lores that need to be done. I also want to help approve tickets, set up fun little treats for players, and make sure things stayed organized like always. How do you work in
  3. Whitehall’s Cooking Guild Upon the top of the hills of Potatil stands the tallest building, once known for housing the feat of Drachev Engineering, the Potato Pipe. However, a Gorney by the name of Stella Sweetleaf desired to purpose the building into something the entire community could enjoy. Now it is home to the Cooking Guild of Whitehall, a place where cooks and hunters alike can gather to enjoy a fine meal. The Purpose of the Cooking Guild Stella Sweetleaf, with the establishment of the Cooking Guild, wanted to improve the quality of life for the Drachev of
  4. ☵ The Beastfolks' Departure ☵ Image by Teachiru Loud echoing clashing and bustling could be heard as only a few Javali, one Maksha, and one Uvari remained within the walls of Parsha. It seemed more had fled as the quietness settled upon the settlement- even worse after the gates had been opened. The elders had already seen that scavengers were beginning to try and pick off the bones of the rotting corpse of Parsha. However, there are still bittersweet smiles on the faces of who was left. A tanned lizard could be seen releasing animals back into the wild, slau
  5. ❊ Grand Opening of The Cooking Guild ❊ There seems to have been a lot of bustling on the top of Potatil. All hands are on deck; lots of bookshelves, stoves, ovens, kitchen tools, pots and pans, ropes and even a chicken can be seen being moved into the normally empty shack. A ginger Gorney can be seen through it all, pointing her red-stained finger towards the eager Karmeny and Gorney. [!] Posters would be plastered on the different areas within the hold of Whitehall. "Come all Drachev of Whitehall to the Grand Opening of the Cooking Guild in two Phases! T
  6. ✤ Jackrabbit Jamboree ✤ A small Gorney with red stained fingertips can be seen running with a trail of jackrabbits following behind her, her hands filled with fresh carrots. Laughter could be heard throughout the hills of Potatil from several Drachev watching the Gorney, they carrying their own goods and building materials to the entrance to Whitehall. There seems to also be idle pastel colored decorations, and baskets of eggs scattered around the walkways of Potatil. [!] Posters would plastered onto any available public notice boards, and even on the walls of s
  7. ❀ Potatil's Farming Festival ❀ Image by: Roy Gilronan A gorney with red stained fingertips clutching a basket full of beetroots would look across the rolling hills of Potatil, brimming with fresh root vegetables. She would then look towards the Gates of Talidur, a looming sensation tingling at the back of her mind. "No use sittin' 'ere idle, why not 'ave some fun? No better way to 'ive others 'ope than some fun!" [!] Posters would posted at several noticeboards across Anoma, all decorated with rudimentary drawings of beetroots, potatoes, and carrots. "Are the g
  8. [!] Rather small notes would be left on random nook and crannies amongst the walls of Whitehall and Potatil: "HELP WANTED! I, Stella Sweetleaf, want to help hold a festival for food and games for all of Anoma. After all, when we have a giant world-ending tentacle someone has to cheer up those who may be in despair! However, as much as I would like to do it all by myself, I'm just one Gorney! My idea is that we could have different stalls that could be visited, that ended right at the tavern itself! Then people could drink and gamble once they've made it through all the stalls!
  9. [!] The rather crispy and injured Javali walked up slowly to the notice board within the hall of Parsha, rubbing her hand over her frills. She holds onto her beloved Abornazine spear, looking with a squint at this rather fancy paper upon the Parsha wall. "While not enjoy spirits often, would like information on crow.. taking Stevie was just plain cruel." A clawed finger would tap upon her lip, before roaring out from the hall towards her Javali friends and family. "PARTY TIME, IT IS ON THE WOODMAN!"
  10. ☵ Union of Draqthul and Um'pluk ☲ Holding clawed hands, a brightly painted Javali and a glowing red Javali sat around the campfire within the main Hall of Parsha with grins that reached to their frills. In front of them sat two halves of a Giant Octopus beak, a visual trophy of the success of Draqthul Flamescale in completing his assigned task from Um'pluk Vibrantfang. All that waited for the happy Mating Pair was to celebrate with a giant feast per Javali tradition! (Sketch by Teachiru, Color by Punkinator919) [!] Posters would be scattered all across Anoma: "ALL OF AN
  11. ΠParsha Fishing Frenzy ΠA brightly painted Javali would be beaming brightly at an orange glowing Javali, a fishing rod in her clawed hands. He in turn would be holding a bucket full of bait, raising a scaled eyebrow at her. Meanwhile a rather quiet white and black Maksha is walking behind the duo, holding a chest of goodies, both shiny and tasty. Ahead of them would be the brand new boat of Parsha, squeaky clean and in desperate need of smelling like fish! There would be posters left at all places that have proven friendly to Parsha: "HELLO FRIENDS OF PARSH
  12. Noticed this little baby was put on the wiki recently, and therefore I will be moving it to Accepted! I mean like it is nearly identical. Glad to see it exist for real and not just playerbase.
  13. ☶ NOTIFICATION OF TREATY NULLIFICATION ☶ Draqthul took a deep breath, a slight grin on his lips as he looked towards his fellow Elders. Before him was a simple written piece of parchment. “All need now is to send out.” Um’pluk nodded in agreement with Draqthul, while Silent seemed a bit more.. Doubtful. The lizard elder would put a clawed hand on the table as she spoke to Silent, “It has been a long time since Parsha has delved into politics of those not of Anoma. Need to refresh pacts of Old, ensure that still able to come to aid if asked.” She then clicked her nails ont
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