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  1. Minecraft Username(s): Punkinator919Your Age: 20Timezone: ESTDiscord Tag: punkinator919#9622What do you enjoy doing in your freetime?: Playing video-games, taking naps, and eating food. I also enjoy playing DND with my IRL pals, and trying to keep up a semi-regular campaign of my own but it always takes a backseat to RP or other things. Also coloring books are nice no matter what age you are, I promise. Additionally I have a lot of experience with spreadsheets, and enjoy streamlining processes to be solved with said sheets. I have made raffle systems with sheets, as well as sheets that connect
  2. Stevie thanks everyone who voted Order!
  3. 〨 ~ Eve's Hallow Sweets Festival ~ 〨 Around Parsha, one would see Javali carving pumpkins to practice their skills and painting skulls of their best prey in order to celebrate their fallen warriors. They would also see Maksha still putting up lanterns and torches for the great spirits that watch from the constellations let loose the lesser fire spirits and spirits of fallen Maksha to wander, provide fun mischief, or in worse cases take twisted forms and attack. However, even more curiously it seems an amazing amount of sweet smells would waft through the capital. [!] Poste
  4. @Ryloth My issue is not that you used them for inspiration. It is simply the name itself! I am sure many of the pantheon is inspired by other things- but none of them use a real life deity name. While using the word 'God' might not be an issue, it may be offensive to put, for example, Allah in the lore but give him a fantasy background. If it is going to be replaced then its all good! (Just do not be like Yandev and say the models are just 'placeholders'. Yandev its been 6 years buddy).
  5. After reading it a few times, I actually kind of like it. Only have two complaints. One is that the name is ripped straight from an actual real-life deity- though we have already talked about this in discords as well. I do not think any other deity does this on LF- but I am aight with being proven wrong. Second, which could be missed, is the "Jewel of Wind". That seems to fall in the domain of other gods, specifically Elementals. The air Elemental also is stated with not making any artifacts and she is a WILD gal. Otherwise it seems alright, and a neat concept. +1
  6. [!] A note seems to make her way to the Duchess.. "Sorry, Bubbles can not make. Bubbles busy." || OOC || I literally have class at that time block. My bad.
  7. Um'pluk Vibrant-fang AKA Bubbles, the Best Merchant! A fierce Javali woman- Bubbles is striving to be the most well known Javali trader throughout the people of Anoma. Before she roamed Anoma to learn more of the native cultures of her fellow beastfolk, but now with these additions to the cast it seems she has found a new group of customers to satisfy! General Information about Um'pluk Age: 19 Ages Gender: Female Race: Javali - Lizardfolk Languages: Javali, Common Relationship Status: Complicated, with a side of taken Likes: Anything she can cook,
  8. 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Um’pluk Vibrant-fang 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Um’pluk is a 5’10” Javali, covered in tan scales and adorned with bright yellow frills. While she is not of a stronger build compared to some Javali, she definitely can pull her weight physically. Her clan enjoys expressing themselves with body paint designs, each one being unique. Umpluk herself likes to decorate herself in shades of blues and lighter reds. Um’pluk’s clan is a Javali clan of trade, bartering goods amongst the different Javali
  9. MC Name(s): punkinator919 Your Age: 19 Timezone: EST (GMT-4) Discord: punkinator919#9622 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Yes; D&D, Minecraft (LoTC and others), and more! I have been since I was 11. Define Metagaming: Metagaming is roleplaying based on knowledge you know Out of Character, but should not know In Character. Define Powergaming: Powergaming is roleplaying beyond the capacities of your character. For example, somehow being able to hit someone in the nose with a book to kill them instantly in one emot
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