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  1. THE WARBLER 'Your local swashbuckling bastard.' Full Name: Mahogany Warble Nicknames: M W, Warbler, Chitters Gender: Male Age: 35yrs ( 10 ages ) Race: Half-Elf Halfblood ( Carribard Oe Il'han, Halfblood ) Height: 5'10" Languages: Common, Carrib ( Eastern Armusian ) Physical Appearance Warble is a man of upright swooning structure and sinewy athletic build, sliding and swaggering on his feet. His face is a rounded triangular shape with sharpened cheekbon
  2. MC Name(s): Ouch_Kun Your Age: 18 Timezone: +14 Pacific, Australia Discord: ouch.kun#2956 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Yes Define Metagaming: Out-of-character based knowledge or information. Example: Leaning of an upcoming battle through ooc chat, using your character to prevent such battle. This is Metagaming as the actual character hasn't been told, putting ooc knowledge into your in game character. Define Powergaming: To carry out unrealistic, unfair, or godly actions. Example: Unrealistic bouts of strength,
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