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  1. [!] As the grand city of Myrefall would grow in size, a new building would open its doors near the town square. On its tall green facade, one could read a sign written "Bank Of Myrefall". A note would also be pinned next to the large wooden doors, this letter would read: "Residents and homeowners of Myrefall, please note that the newly opened bank will now be expecting residents to pay rent on all buildings owned within the walls of our lovely city. Details and prices will be communicated directly to those concerned." Ser Finlay Williams' signiture could be seen at the bottom of the page, next
  2. [!] The tavern keep would listen carefully from the crowd gathered in the town center as he took note of what the speaker announced. A smile suddenly formed on his face when an idea popped in his head. He then walked back to his tavern with a plan in mind.
  3. Minecraft Username(s): CharlesTremblayYour Age: 17Discord Tag: CharlesT#2126Timezone: ESTHow much free time in hours per week do you believe yourself able to put into Lost Fables?: I usually spend 10-20 hours a week on LF during school time but I can offer more if needed.Do you have experience Roleplaying? If so, list how many weeks/months/years.: I have been rping for about 9 months now. I started on LOTC but switched to LF a couple of weeks after launch.Say you are approached IRPly on the road by bandits. How would you react to this? You may choose to respond from the perspective of any char
  4. The Dragon's Lair Tavern Grand Opening! [!] Pamphlets and letters would be distributed all around anoma. This paper would read: "You are all invited for the Grand opening of The Dragon's Lair on Age 10, Noble Dirgosei. Share the word and bring your friends to this lovely evening of celebrations! First round is on me!" [OOC] The event will take place on Tusday the 10th from 3pm EST to later in the evening. The Dragon's Lair a tavern owned by Finlay Williams, Member of Pendragon. It is situated slightly north-east of the Achillion chateau. Many homebrewed classic
  5. Minecraft Username(s): CharlesTremblay Your Age: 17 Timezone: EST Discord Tag: CharlesT#2126 What's your primary focus?: Builder What brings you to the LF build team? What goals do you have, should you be accepted?: I really enjoy this server and wanted to help for a long time but didn't really know how until someone pointed out that I could apply to build team. I spent a whole month planning and building some specific builds to show for this application. My goals here are obviously to help this server grow by building a fun and immersive world for players to role
  6. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14g1pBj9SK5rxthloW_W0uaifdwvUHQUMn0CaRfjGdnE/edit?usp=sharing
  7. _____________________________________________________________________________ Coronation of Godfrey I _____________________________________________________________________________ Courriers would depart from the Apostolic Kingdom of Rhosland with the task to deliver Invitations in every settlements of the Realm of Anoma. These letters would read: To all citizens of this new world, by this present, I officially invite you to the coronation of His Majesty Godfrey I of House Gwynn.
  8. MC Name(s): EstelleTremblay Your Age: 16 Timezone: GMT -5 Discord: EstelleTremblay#2126 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Yes I have, I roleplayed on minecraft and also in real life either during DND or during a Larp. Define Metagaming: Metagaming is using OOC information in RP. Define Powergaming: Powergaming is performing actions that are beyond the realistic limits of a character's action and/or enforcing actions unto others Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Yes I have What brings you to Lost
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