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  1. Minecraft Username(s): nepirYour Age: 22Timezone: gmt+1Discord Tag: nepir#1182What brings you to the LF Event Team? What goals do you have, should you be accepted?: My main goal if I get accepted is to create events with the possibility to grow, laying special items or hints in them. If someone notices, they can get special events that can turn into arks for their own group/character. Next to this. I also like to invest my time in an event line of a larger scale, Something that can fluctuate with the player base. And keep all factions involved. An antagonist of sorts. Do you have any pri
  2. Or a replace ability. Hand of grace. [IC] Extending his hand to a fallen ally, he waits for them to take it. Ones taken there body burst in to golden flames closing and mending the body. the ally knocked out from the intens force of the golden flames no longer housing any wounds, yet the golden flames linger around them acting as a protection. (ooc) requires 2 emotes, 1 before taking the hand 1 after. Can only be activated if the person in question takes the hand willingly. golden flames linger for 6 turns. effected player is knocked out for the rest of the r
  3. Mainly it's a coping mechanism to handle the battles and history. From what I can pull from the battles it was a numbers game with hordes of both sides crashing and ripping through each other. That leaves sickening memory's. This ability is mainly him able to calm him self and others. I am open for buffs if you have some thing specific in mind
  4. Thank you, and yes I have edited the abilitys hopefully the are up to spec now. I had writen up a secondary draft to be sure I had some thing on hand. the first abilty and heal have been tweeked and changed.
  5. 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Hemalis 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Hemalis was one of the older empyreans that survived the onslaught of the demon war. Throughout the war, he was part of the vanguard positioned with a specialist group set up to enter battles with low success chance. This was to be believed by both his brothers and himself to be a suicide squad. Over an extensive array of battles, he had ripped and torn his way through hordes of demons far outnumbering him and his brothers in arms. This abil
  6. Congrats Wahhhhfle, you have been accepted! Welcome to Anoma. Now, you can log on and start your adventure. Upon your arrival, you may call for a wandering traveler using /request create moderator wandering traveler guidance, please! The wandering traveler may assist you in venturing through the lands or with any of your questions. If you need any help you may message me in-game /msg nepir, on Discord nepir#1182, or on the Forums, nepir. Feel free to join us on our Discord [Here]. For more information on server lore, click [Here], and [Here] for settlement guides!
  7. 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Glacus 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Glacus was created as most natural golems, By a pulse from the ley lines. Having been a large chunk of blue quartz laying at the bottom of the sea. Deep below the ice of the tundra's his awakening was not without problems. His first memories were of spirals of ice coming down slowly moving to the bottom of the sea as the touch the seafloor freezing over and killing small critters and animals. His first memories were of a drake frozen soli
  8. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: Adam, vetiti fructus 2. Character Backstory: Adam a Empyreans carries himself at 7 feet, having long white hair, that falls down his shoulders, his pale skin giving off the idee he was made of marble only given away he is not by some scars from the great war, the white halo behind his head only faintly glowing Adam always carried himself well into battle, being a spearman he was used as a protector for the healers, who recovered the injured from the battlefield. in the early years most of his kills were demons who had hidden with in the piles of corpse
  9. MC Name(s): nepir Your Age: 22 Timezone: UTC +2 Discord: nepir#1182 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): D&D Minecraft GTA Define Metagaming: using out of character information in character, if I was told in discord hay we are getting killed by bandits I cant use this infromation to go there and help my friends with set bandits. Define Powergaming: your actions being out of sync with reality or the scales of power given to the lore for example magic. like (Lifting his finger 3 fireballs fire outwards towards the ba
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