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  1. Minecraft Username(s): 25PercentGayYour Age: 16Discord Tag: Cats#0693Timezone: PSTHow much free time in hours per week do you believe yourself able to put into Lost Fables?: 12 hoursDo you have experience Roleplaying? If so, list how many weeks/months/years.: Yeah, nearly 2 years nowSay you are approached IRPly on the road by bandits. How would you react to this? You may choose to respond from the perspective of any character of your choosing. : Del raises his hands rather quickly, surrendering whatever goods the bandits may wish to take- not like he has a lot short of some booze, and wintermi
  2. 1. Character Name Sapfo 'Ottie' 2. Backstory Ottie, as she simply goes by in this era, holds a deep dislike for both the Demonic and Celestial. Rather herself remaining neutral in such matters. After descending to the mortal realm, she felt deeply betrayed by her creators. "Should they really care for us they'd of given us something more than this? They made us for the war then discarded us like we would a dirty rag." She'd reason in time to her fellow Empyreans in this turbulent time. She'd eventually break away, around the dawn of sail, at least she'd guess. Very much a partaker
  3. A certain winter-elf looks over the paper, having news of this reached him on his journeys he seems to smirk All to willing to prove himself and his winter-kin, as well as that of the children of autumn, he spreads word to them. "And there they were, the children of winter stood victorious over the Empyrean threat to the Tundra." he recalls a poem from his childhood as he pitches the idea to his comrades. Planning foolheartedly to show up to the pit fight.
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  5. 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!) Eztli 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!) Eztli doesn't forget. This he made sure of once he gained his full sentience. He realized very very quickly, he wasn't the same anymore. Something had changed, more ideas came into his head, he was unique, there was more depth to him, something had happened. It took time for him to realize that he was mentally the same as the others. He was equal to them now, mentally anyways. With his newfound learning capability, he set out on raiding parties, few of his comrad
  6. MC Name(s): HighOOCly Your Age: 15 Timezone: Pacific Standard Time | UTC -7 Discord: Deleted Account#2287 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): Yeeeeeep Define Metagaming: When your persona has knowledge of something that they should not have knowledge of, or was 'meta'd' into their knowledge by a breach of continuity. (X does Y and Z finds out right away even though Z is on the other side of the fucking continent) Define Powergaming: Doing something without any considering of your character's ability ex. A fully armored
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