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  1. The Position of the Drachev Recent events have caused me to write this letter in order to get rid of some ambiguity. Last phase a group of Anoman constitution, including Winter Elves, Drachev and Humans, headed towards the Gate of Talidur to dispatch any monsters with hostile intentions. Next to the gate was a totem which contained a seemingly sentient eye near the top. While most of the Elves and Drachev fought Mist Men and the main hostile creature a human going by the name of Johannus took it upon himself to scale the totem in order to reach the eye. During the entirety of t
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N74n26vIP4HzNJcfeSpVLF7tknNj2WZfVgrWt0T4HqM/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Grom would read it "Sweet, per'aps t'es'll come en 'andeh en dah near future." he smiled as he continued his journey.
  4. [!] This letter could be found on multiple noticeboards around Anoma. The Fey Tree This letter concerns the Fey Tree near the Vortex and the Gate of Talidur. The Drachev have had a good relationship with the owner, Fachtna Fomhar, who was tasked with protecting the tree and, since his departure, we have attempted to protect this gift of nature. Recently we have found people willing to tend to the tree including Summer and Spring elves. We ask you all to respect this domain, arrangements can be made though any attempts to harm the region will be seen as an act of hostility.
  5. MC Name: Xergarok Roleplay Name: Grombrindal Firebeard Artifact Name: Fjørdir {Fyuer-dir} Does your faction have access to this artifact? No. Describe the Rarity, Quality, Aura, and Type of this artifact: Mythical, Perfect, Deific, Heavy Armor Please describe what your artifact is, and what reference it has to a group? Include how it was created, what magical abilities it may have ascertained, and where it is currently. Fjørdir is an Adamant closed helmet. It is an Artifact made by Karmeny himself to fit with Grombrindal as a gift for his zealotry. During one of t
  6. [!] This letter could be found on noticeboards within Drachev lands. The mixed feelings concerning the Grudges of the Drachev have come to my attention. Firstly, a Grudge is something we hold against someone when we feel they have wronged us. As far as we are aware people of all races can be Grudgebearing, unfortunately for others we tend to take this serious business to the next level. We do not forget nor forgive though this does not, unlike what some tend to believe, mean you will be hunted down for every type of insult or every small mistake. As goes for most reactions Grudges are in
  7. Grom would come across some of the posters as he crossed the bridge near Whitehall. He would raise a brow, lifting his glasses as he started reading. His expression would change a few times during the course of reading though in the end he pocketed his glasses and smiled. "Mhm, t'ey're nae beatin' around dah bush." He said as he started walking.
  8. Settlement name : Whitehall Settlement Cords [Main server] : 3304 60 2535 Your settlement is a Camp/Town/Settlement : Outpost Discord name: Xergarok#0119 Leader of settlement [MCNAME] : Xergarok
  9. Grom would sniff as he snuck into Myrefall, reading the document. "Dunno wot yeh'd make em public bu' ah'll gladleh work tuget'ah." he grumbled to himself as he checked his own research.
  10. Grom would read the letter. "Hmm, aig't t'en. Weh'll 'ave ah long talk bou' t'es ah s'pose." he mumbled to himself as he thought of how to prepare.
  11. [!] A new message could be found in Whitehall. A large scroll would be placed behind a small glass casing near the noticeboard. [OOC: The link can be found in the message above, it can be found at the Whitehall noticeboard in role-play]
  12. As Grombrindal checks the noticeboard in Whitehall he notices the poster. As he reads it he chews on the tip of his pipe. "An excellent oppertuneteh ter conferm dah competence 'o dah new host" he says to himself as he puts back the poster. "Ef mah memoreh permits et w'en dah time comes..."
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