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  1. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: SC. Generation 3 2. Character Backstory: SC-3 was crafted by an Armusion group centuries in the past. Only three warforged of this make were made, a test to see their usefulness with medics or scouts. Over his time in service SC-3 was put through a rigorous amount of abuse. If it hadn't been for having a team to support this specific warforged, SC-3 would have met ruin just like SC-2 and SC-1 who didn't survive their service. The war eventually came to an end, both parties deciding upon a cease fire. Having no more need for SC-3, he was
  2. HARACTER APP 1. Character Name: Mr. R ((Short for Mr. Rollington)) 2. Character Backstory: Mr.R had been born upon the layline as anyone would know and least understand but such was in more safe heaven inside of a dessert region as a rock mound seemly begin move after seeing an Armadillo rolling by, with a loud crunch and shudder the form begin to take shape of a two-legged Aramdillo oddly enough. The Golem now would continue follow the small creature, seeing how it works before another creature- A coyote takes up its attention next which would just lead on a trail of the golem from going
  3. Is this a Settlement or a Free Plot?: Free Plot If you said ‘Settlement’, what is the name of your settlement: N/A If you said ‘Free Plot’, who is the leader? DarkElfs and Hoster102
  4. 1. Character Name: Zhur (Since I'm tad forced have it shorter then) 2. Character Backstory: Zhur was born in a smaller classed clan/tribe that lived deep away from most of their kin. He was at full growth around 6'3-4 in height and weighed around 237 pounds or so. The tribe was stuck to a common oak forest that had a large pond near by. Zhur grew up in such an easy going environment but he always wished to know what lied beyond the forest! This curiosity was struck by the multiple objects and items he'd gotten off dead humanoid bodies the main warriors' of the small clan/tribe fi
  5. MC Name(s): DarkElfs Your Age: 18 Timezone: Est Discord: DarkElfs#1259 Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or otherwise): D&D mainly and obviously mc from a certain server. Define Metagaming: This always here isn't it? Metagaming simply using info that you collect oocly in rp. Define Powergaming: This to huh. Powergaming just the fact of forcing and action in a emote upon another player. Simply by adding TRY or LOOK before a action one can usually stop such. But powergaming just simply and emote or action simply forced on another
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