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  1. "I am happy to see the young squire learning so quickly. The young blood will soon carry the old." Said Sir Volkmar Cynric Von Rauken De Godwin, - Sword of Order whilst observing the squire in training.
  2. Thematics: Achtung! "You are a fool Volkmar. A murderer. You do not belong with these people. You are the spawn of evil." The booming voice would state with the force of a thousand. "You were not made for this world. You were not made to serve men. You were only made to serve me." Known as: “Sir Volkmar.” Full name: Volkmar Cynric de Godwin; Formerly known as Volkmar Von Rauken. Nicknames and Aliases: † 'Volkmar the Pale' † 'The Sword of Order’ † 'The “Lucky” Fella’ Age: He is 27 y
  3. Got my support through and through bud. Would be a great addition to the team.
  4. "Es ist unsere Pflicht, the ride never ends. Amen." Volkmar hems and salutes the document with a pained grunt.
  5. Tide

    Jointed Report

    Just going to add onto this that Rhosland disc had an "NSFW" channel for dark humour and "unfitting" jokes. Dream themselves said that's what the channel was for.
  6. Tide

    Jointed Report

    Gotcha. Just wanted to say it again, as you hadn't made that point at the time of my original response. Which was removed. Sad face. Anyways, all good my guy.
  7. Tide

    Jointed Report

    I said it once but my comment was apparently removed. Previous ban from another server seems completely unrelated and should not be brought up. It would be like saying Korvic shouldn't be admin because he got banned from lotc.
  8. Was told I'd be breaking lore if didn't have hooves @blackhand7
  9. 1. Character Name: Skraga 2. Character Backstory: Skraga was born from the Goblin-pile like so many other Rehk-Ug before him. At a young age he was put to work in the mines. When he grew older he was allowed to come with the scavenging parties as they went out in search for anything that could be used as food. Rocks weren't cutting it! It was on his second scavenge that he realized something was off. He hadn't paid any attention to it up until this point and simply thought it was normal. Nobody else had feet. He had just assumed that all of them had feet because... well he did, and
  10. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: Volkmar Vanderbilt 2. Character Backstory: Volkmar was born into a religious Armusian family. They were devout followers of the brother church. However. His parents did not know of the misfortune of this child, and simply thought him weak. Born prematurely. They nurtured and raised him, but the older he grew the more suspicious they got. Something was not right. He kept screaming. He had seizures, and he kept talking of future happenings and happenings of the past, if he could even discern the two. At some point they started to sus
  11. Squeek snickers to himself whilst sharpening his dagger with a whetstone. He tosses it aside, and in a fit of amusement scores his own personal symbol into the piece of parchment. "What is old world. More land for Three-Eyed-Rat? More land to claim-take? Murder--kill kill, yes yes."
  12. CHARACTER APP 1. Character Name: (This is your character's name!): Squeek Shadowsneek! 2. Character Backstory: (This is your character's general backstory!): Squeek Shadowsneek was born into one of the smaller ratling Warrens of Anoma, but quickly moved on to a larger under city. Despite his kind having a close family bond, this was a mess of a Warren. Greed, thievery, and framing ran rampant. There was little space and little food, the unfortunate souls became food for those in the favor of the Three Eyed Rat. It was here that Squeek grew up. It was here he made his name as THE Shadows
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