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  1. Thank you very much for your application! Unfortunately due to the lack of information and your relatively recent return to Lost Fables the Moderation Team has chosen to deny your application at this time. If you wish to re-apply in the future you may do so. Should you follow that direction I'd recommend including more details after having been on the server for a bit longer. Once again thank you very much for your application, and we hope to continue seeing you around the server as a player! Denied.
  2. But do you believe in the heart of the cards?
  3. As per our discussion on Discord, welcome to the Moderation team!
  4. Good Evening Rachel, Unfortunately I see you've joined rather recently. Given your project focus I would recommend putting forth a Reception team application, however at this time I cannot consider you for Moderation due to having recently joined the server. If you're around for a bit longer and you still wish to join Moderation please don't hesitate to put through another application at a later date! Regards, Korvic
  5. As per our discussion on Discord, this application has been denied at this time. If you wish to shoot for Moderation again I encourage you to do so during the next grouping that we seek out. Thank you again for applying, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.
  6. As you have ceased responding on Discord this application has been denied.
  7. As you have not responded on Discord this application has been denied.
  8. Raid Rules Raids are conflicts involving 3 or more personas in an aggressing party harming a settlement. Harming a settlement is defined as harming or threatening to harm the settlement, citizens within the settlement, and/or guard forces of the settlement. Harming in this case is through combat, bodily harm, magically corrupting one's mind or body, property damage, or theft despite resistance. Resistance in this case is demands to cease or combat in an attempt to force one to cease. For the purpose of raids, the act of aggressing is defined as
  9. Thievery Rules Thievery is the act of forcefully breaching an object such as locked doors or windows. Thievery rules apply to any breaching act regardless of if the goal is to steal things or not, and regardless if stealth is used or not. Thievery is broken up into sessions wherein each session has limits, and one may not start a new session for a set amount of time. In order to apply thievery rules one must have Moderation oversight. Any co-operative thievery will not result in a cooldown for the thieves. P Any unlocked or public locked objects are free to
  10. Conflict Rules Combat is any interaction between personas in which one or more parties actively aim to harm another. F For armor to be used in combat it must be represented in one's skin or worn mechanically. As per G19 you must still have the item in your inventory if you're using the skin option. F Donning armor requires a full turn per piece of armor being equipped. This is split by boots, greaves, chestplate, gauntlets, and helmet. F Being within 30 blocks automatically includes you in a given combat situation. You
  11. Ownership Rules Evicting is the act of forcefully removing locks owned by another player, usually to reclaim property. P A region owner can evict locks if the owning player has been offline for two weeks or more, or with sufficient notice. Sufficient notice is three (3) days, and is served via a placed sign next to the lock in question. F During the eviction notice time one may still forcefully breach the locks while abiding thievery protocol. This can be done by third party thieves, guards brute forcing their way in, etc.
  12. Any and all rules are subject to change at any point, and the responsibility of keeping up-to-date on the rules falls on the individual player. We will make our best effort to report any changes in the Lost Fables Discord announcement channel, however any and all decisions will be done using the state of these rules at the time of incident. Introduction General rules apply to any and all situations, and are generally more vague because of this. More accurate rules for specifics are included in their own categories which are Ownership, Conflict, Thievery, Raids, and War. At pre
  13. As per my message in DMs, since you did not respond to the interview this will be being closed. Should you wish to apply again in the future when you're more readily able to reply feel free.
  14. As per our discussion after the interview, welcome to the team! I look forward to the work you'll be capable of doing.
  15. Howdy! Just as with MaeDayo's application, this has been seen but will be pending for a short period as we finish wrapping the last few back-end things up with Moderation fixes.
  16. Howdy! Just as with MaeDayo's application, this has been seen but will be pending for a short period as we finish wrapping the last few back-end things up with Moderation fixes.
  17. Hey Maedayo! We appreciate your application, however I will say at present we're doing a few changes to training and documentation, as such this application might sit for a little while. If you'd like to cancel it during that time you're free to do so, otherwise feel free to leave this up until we're completed the changes to our training and documentation processes. Thanks!
  18. Korvic

    Jointed Report

    So given the Winter Elf Hut Fight already had punishments dealt for @Sandman, Eliana issue has been dismissed against @Sauce, then the only issue that remains is the handling of 'Hughcraft', which I replied to earlier given my current understanding of the situation. As @Hoster102 confirmed, he was in RP and did say he'd get to it when he could. No malice seems to've taken place in that interaction, just impatience. While @Tha_Mystery_Man setup the region without a second thought, that does not fall on @Sauce as that information should have been double checked and not j
  19. Korvic

    Jointed Report

    @Pup Then this issue will be dropped. Every single opinion or view technically targets someone/something/somegroup, whether direct or indirect. In addition with meme format it's virtually impossible to judge that. If @Dream____ gave warning in the Discord she's owner of and they did not follow, that's on her to handle following the same pretext I set out in my last post. Some people will make Discords for settlements, some will make them for a small group of friends. Even if they all play on LF, those Discords are not ours, and not ours to moderate unless it's explicitly harassment/ill
  20. Korvic

    Jointed Report

    First and foremost I will ask that both parties try to remain as civil as possible. Sometimes people get off on the wrong foot due to abrasive or brash personalities, and then it snowballs from there. Let's try to give each other the benefit of the doubt regarding intentions and knowledge of situations going forward, at the end of the day we all want to play mineman pretend for enjoyment, not for stress and reports. This is going to be my first examination of what's been presented thus far and not representative of a final verdict against any party as of yet. Political v
  21. Just realized we didn't have MC usernames as a profile option. It now exists so you can enter your MC username(s) on your forum profile.

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      Thanks Korvic, very cool

  22. You're fine, we'll simply go with the one that has the proper information. A small mistake is no big deal! If you have any information you need to update or add, simply refer to whichever application is in the Pending section specifically.
  23. Don't worry about deleting! This is a Questions Answer section so the answers stay around for others if they have a similar issue. For those who might find this later, you can use /server main or /server lobby to exit the build world and head to the main or lobby server, respectively.
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