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    Lost Fables is a medieval fantasy Minecraft roleplay server, aiming for a rough tech-lock of the late medieval era, early colonialism; currently in Beta. The target audience for Lost Fables are people ages 13 or older with a passion for story telling and intricate character development, using Minecraft as a medium for said development and story telling.

    Server IP: lostfables.net
    Server IP:


    Lost Fables sports a series of unique systems built to maintain a focus on the story, including refreshing and unique lore, a unique resurrection system, upkeep requirements for settlements, working land claim systems, a heavy roleplay focus both in and out of combat, all backed by a friendly and welcoming community. This is also enhanced further with custom and tweaked plugins, as well as a unique crafting system to make sure even the mechanical aspects remain an addition to the story, and not the dictator of the story.

  • Our promise to players is to deliver a fun and unique roleplay environment that is dictated primarily by the roleplay one achieves with mechanical advantages such as click speed or connection falling to the side. We pledge above all else to maintain this vision and push for a safe environment where everyone can express themselves within the boundaries of our lore.

    Before you enter the world of Gaia we require you to create an account here or below, followed by a Whitelist Application explained here.

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