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Peace has returned to Anoma

Anoma appears to have returned to peace...on the surface.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

Jotunn Prophecies

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As I was writing my last lesson for my Immersion students I was ...



"Tales of old forgotten and soled, plaguing the young- yet bold."

Jotunn Prophecies, blessings or a curse.

Jotuun blood children may find themselves succumbing to what is believed a blessing from Anomalous, though those educated know it may be something darker tugging on their innocence, something wanting to pry upon the world through their innocent eyes- accidentally passing it from child to child, through means of seeking untainted opinions to sow the seeds of chaos within their mind as they age- leading forth to issues such as madness.

These prophecies come in flashes, or the voice of the individual sounding out through their minds without them causing it- always in words that seem to rhyme, leaving them awfully vague or sometimes utterly meaningless to the children who receive them. These children will often not be randomly chosen.

“There from my mind was the serpent born, its venom coursing through my veins. No matter how much I tried to wake from this illusion- I could not. My voice- yet not my voice, sounded out, yet not from my lips. I turned to my brother- my younger brother- to see his skin turn to paper, his form fall to the floor as his life ceased to be. Blessed be the one who was chosen- or cursed..?”

Types of prophecies:
There are two types of prophecies. To put it simply there are player made prophecies which are akin to fortune-telling, at random and infrequently which will affect only 1 individual whilst ET prophecies will spread across a vast group. These prophecies server no benefit, they provide no magic to a user beyond 2 lies 1 truth kind of roleplay implementation.  ET prophecies are fully up to ET discretion. A true prophecy can still be vague, they will come if your roll is below 16 and can be something akin to “ A child can speak of death coming, and the next day a bird falls from the sky- thus the prophecy was true”. More decipherable prophecies happen at 16+ and can be something the players agree on in /msg or PMs. A prophecy of 1-6, a false prophecy, will be an extreme lie such as “The sky will crash and burn, fall upon the town and leave nothing in its path..". 7-10 will be something less.. Threatening, but still not really going to happen- but they should be believable to a degree.


Mechanics of Jotunn Prophecies:

  • When a player prophecy is run, a magic force or draining is inflicted on the one dealing it- it attacks the iron within their blood inflicting anemia or signs of it, as well as a faintness on the user as their blood sours for a moment. Their veins will become darker, or a birthmark more noticeable. Shifting to a deep blue hue for a moment (or respective colour)- gone is their iron, though they shant suffer a severe injury for them.. If they eat.

  • Player prophecies can be done at any time, though it is advised screenshotting it for proof you did not metagame. They require consent and once consent is given you must roll, in secrecy, a d20. 1-10 is a false prophecy, 11-20 is a true prophecy that you and the others involved must agree may come true in some form. A child can speak of death coming, and the next day a bird falls from the sky- thus the prophecy was true

  • Prophecies, more specifically player-run prophecies are very vague and can mean many things. They cannot be used as a GPS to say find someone. They cannot instantly be deciphered.

  • ET prophecies can be far larger and more impactful, far larger in scale though they can still be true or false.

  • Children suffer these from a young age, 5-7 is when they start and they carry on for the rest of their life- without proper clarity of guidance with a life of comfort they can gain severe drawbacks such as PTSD or madness.

  • This only occurs within jotunnblood children.

  • The curse or blessing to bare prophecies is obtained when a Giantblood child with it touched another between the age of 5-7.



Redlines of Jotunn Prophecies:

  • Cannot be used to metagame other folks, need consent to do anything CLOSE involving external people. Cannot be used to just metagame someone, for example, like a deceived though the prophecy can be a little darker.

  • Cannot be done without all parties involved consent, lest its an ET prophecy which can be thrown at any time.

  • Cannot have too many prophecies in a row otherwise, the poor individual receiving them will be driven absolutely mad, the blood will be drained from the mortal coil.

  • Prophecies that might involve storyline impact fall under ET prophecies, and can be utterly false.

  • Prophecies cannot be used to just randomly find someone's location. If a player wants to do this ET needs to be involved to oversee it and the person trying to be found must give OOC consent and agreement- but they will not receive a GPS input in their brain, they will receive a flash of a vague surroundings to their proximity or a riddle, or just... A handful of words, some true, some false.

((This was primarily just a random idea, can be edited by LT or whatever freely if they want to add it to the server, overall it would just add a niche aspect to that kind of viking seer type stuff. I was inspired by the seer dude on vikings and his prophecies, thought since LF clearly has a norse influence to some stuff i might offer this suggestion/to inject this.))

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