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Peace has returned to Anoma

Anoma appears to have returned to peace...on the surface.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

What will end the land of Talidur? 

The Void?
The Titans?

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The Brother Church - Lore Submission

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                                                                    The Brother Church:                                

                                                An Overview


     The history of the Brother Church dates back to the dawn of man itself, as the brothers Anomalous and Sequestus roamed Gaia, spreading wisdom throughout each individual settlement. They traveled throughout the Old World, giving artifacts to the settlements to help them sustain themselves. Sequestus roamed for ages, constructing the first great cathedral in Armus dedicated to the Brother Church and creating Kingdom’s thereafter, choosing those with a good heart to lead these Kingdom’s, giving the ruler an artifact which would be passed down through the generations. He would also bestow an artifact onto the communities of which they ruled over and the artifacts have been kept within these communities hundreds upon hundreds of years later. Jumping to the present Era, the Brother Church has decided to send Theogonists as well as a handful of Brother’s to the new continent of Anoma to spread the two God’s voices there.   


     The men and women of the Church generally use an ancient language spoken by the Gods. The first preacher of the Brother Church was taught the language by Sequestus and Anomalous both and the clergy has passed it down to new Brothers and Sisters throughout the eras. Typically most sermon’s would be given in the common tongue, however during special ceremonies such as a wedding or funeral the ancient language will be used. 

Basic Structure and Hierarchy      

     The Brother Church (or Church of Armus) has a rather unusual structure and is open to both men and women. It is run by a council of 3 officials, these officials being referred to as the Siblings Superior when talked about as a group or as a Cardinal individually. They uphold the integrity of the Church, passing down punishments to members and followers alike that violate the sanctity of it. They also approve theories and scriptures put forth by officials lower on the ladder than them. The council was developed in order to maintain a strong structural base, as well as prevent corruption from running rampant throughout it. They possess the title of His/Her eminence, Brother/Sister Superior and Cardinal (name here).       

     Just below the Cardinal’s lay the Arch-Theogonist. These men or women advise the Cardinal’s, their opinion taken into heavy consideration whenever important decisions are made about the policies and theories of the Brother Church. The Arch-Theogonist is free to write their own scriptures, policy changes and theories which are then submitted to the Siblings Superior for validation. They also serve as the officials who deliver the Theogonist’s, Brother’s and Sister’s papers whenever they wish to submit one. They possess the title of His/Her holiness, Arch-Theogonist (name here).      


     The Theogonist, these men and women make up the core of the Brother Church’s missions in larger cities. Theogonist’s serve as the preachers of more densely populated areas, preaching to the masses and serving them at the same time. Theogonist’s are typically the group in the Church that submit the most scriptures and theories about the God’s Anomalous and Sequestus and the religion as a whole, although anyone within the hierarchy of the Brother Church can take it up themselves. They possess the title of Theogonist (name here).      

     The Brother or Sister sit on the lowest rung of the Brother Church. These are the men and women who serve the smaller communities and settlements of Anoma. With hard work they can fill the role of Theogonist when a current Theogonist passes or is removed from the position. They possess the title of Brother/Sister (name here). 

Ideals and Beliefs      

     The followers of the Brother Church believe in two Gods who live in the Old World atop the highest mountain. These Gods are Anomalous and Sequestus, who each represent a different part of the human spirit. They are Gods of Chaos and Order, but not direct embodiments of these two things. Anomalous represents the chaotic nature of the human spirit, the desire for change, exploration, new experiences and new things. Sequestus represents the part of mankind that seeks to order the world around him. Chaos does not represent evil, but rather a good and necessary part of humanity just as essential as order. Though they may not always get along perfectly, the primary teaching of the Church is that in balance of these two things, a good life can be had. Anomalous tends to be the God that hunters, fishermen or sailors would worship because of the random nature of finding and catching game, as well as the chaotic nature of the sea. Bureaucrats or priests would tend to worship Sequestus more closely as he is the God of things being properly administered and tended to, as well as representing the ideal of things remaining the same.      

     Within the Church many ideals are upheld. Most of them are Humanitarian in nature but there are a few that are not. Family is very important within the structure of the Brother Church, hence the frequent references to siblings within it’s hierarchy, as well as within its name. Among other things certain virtues and personality traits are held above others, traits like compassion, empathy, honesty, fidelity, discipline, determination and mercy to name a few. Slavery of fellow human’s is looked down upon within the Church, although they don’t necessarily lobby freedom for other races. This is typically seen in the Gravican Empire back in the Old World, where the freedom for human slaves is generally lobbied for by the entirety of the Church, but not so much for non-human races. Generally however, depending on the person, a member of the Church would view all slavery as unjust. Typically things that a rational human being would view as immoral or deviant the Church views as a sin (more to come on sins upon launch).




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