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Peace has returned to Anoma

Anoma appears to have returned to peace...on the surface.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

What will end the land of Talidur? 

The Void?
The Titans?

Vote in the discord #chosen-vote-four.

UmbraNight's Whitelist Application

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  1. Minecraft Username(s): UmbraNight,UmbraNight1,NoctisUmbra
  2. Your Age: 19
  3. Timezone: EST
  4. Discord Tag: UmbraNight#7268
  5. Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Yes
  6. Where did you hear of LF? (Put a player's IGN below if you were referred): Google
  7. Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or Otherwise): D&D and Minecraft
  8. Define the term 'Metagaming' and provide an example: Using OOC knowledge in IC knowledge. An example would be you hearing a plot OOCly to kill your character and then using that knowledge to imprison the part in the party involved..
  9. Define the term 'Powergaming' and provide an example: Powergaming is forcing an RP in your favor or avoiding consequences. An example would be a character leaping down and stabbing you in the head without any room to retaliate or a character shooting an arrow that doesn't miss.
  10. Character Race and Sub-Race: Human Akagijin
  11. Character Name: Yamato Sanariku
  12. Character Age: 25
  13. Tell us about your character. (Appearance, backstory, family relations, etc): Sanariku, a white-haired Akagijin standing at 5'7 was borne in the Lotus State to two loving parents. Usually wearing some kind of robe usually shades of blue with an iron bell choker. His mother was known as a great seamstress and his father was known as a good bladesmith, he was taught techniques of each craft. He has developed some strength from his years under his mother's and father's tutelage. The akagijin was given the concept like his mother, a snake, his father gifted him a bell choker engraved with a snake coiling around it. Sana continued following his family's craftmanship until a tragedy struck.

    Sana at age 15 decided to make something for his mother, a lovely dress of silk adorned with golden silk embroidery. This dress soon caught the attention of a noble lady, she wanted Sana to become her personal seamstress, the boy declined, he liked doing it for fun, not as a job. The noble lady was furious, she sent two guards to take the boy. the guards snatched the young seamstress from his bed, he was brought before the noble once again who asked again for the boy to become her court seamstress but was met once again by the boy refusing. The noble frowned, she ordered the guards to hold the boy's hands up. The noble approached Sana with a small dagger with needle shaped blade, she stabbed the dagger into the boy's right wrist. His wrist and tendons were left damaged, he was taken back home where he spent the night cradling his wrist.

    He spent the rest of his time living with his parents trying to stay positive as he awaited to become an adult, his only companion in this was a snake that he found at 16, he named it Ushi. When the time came for hm to become a adult, he moved away from his mother and father and became a traveler. His white snake was curled around his forearm, happily resting. The former Seamstress spent his time travelling with the snake.
  14. Character Traits: Creative, he may have lost his creative outlet of tailory, but he still has ideas.
    Blunt cause of the incidence, he normally sees and says the worst in people.
    Opportunist, He will use any opportunity whether good or bad to advance his standing.
    Deceptive, If he has to lie he will lie.
    Flexible, just like his concept of the snake, he's flexible.
    Gregarious, He sees the benefits of befriending others, and he socializes with others to improve his standing.
    Scheming, Sana has many goals on this new continent and he will get them to be accomplished.
  15. Upon landing on Anoma, you find yourself short of food, coin, and housing. There are some signs that indicate there's an established settlement nearby, as well as some ruins off to the side of the road. With the sun setting and an empty stomach, how does your character handle this situation?: Sana would take a moment to think, he only had clothes and a mask with him. He didn't want to head to town so early, I thought the wild berries I found would carry me for a while, he proceeds to make his way towards the town, reaching into his bag for his mask, donning it immediately. He proceeded to the settlement, where he decided to work at the tavern for awhile to earn some coin and build some connections with those that entered, wanting a drink.
  16. Would you like to upload your skin, or provide a link?: Upload
  17. Upload Skin: Sana.png.248c7516306b49f2728885d430c377bb.png
  18. Link Skin:


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✨ Welcome to Lost Fables! ✨


Congratulations, friend! Your application has been accepted! Welcome to Anoma. You are now free to log on and begin your adventure at any time. It is a joy to see another player join our family of roleplayers.  Upon your arrival, I recommend that you call for a wandering traveler to help you along. In order to do this, please execute the following command: /request create designer Wandering traveler guidance, please! The wandering traveler may assist you in venturing through the lands or with any of your questions.


If you need any help you may message me in-game /msg ItsMrCannibal or message me on Discord ItsMrCannibal#6199 or on the forums [https://www.lostfables.net/profile/865-itsmrcannibal/]

Feel free to join us on our [Discord].  For more information on server lore, visit our [Wiki]. I would also recommend checking out all of our  [Settlement Guides] in case you see a playerbase you’d like to join!


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