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Lost Fables - Owner Update [The End Of Beta]

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Lost Fables - Owner Update

The End of Beta




Hello there people of Lost Fables. It is today that we announce quite a large leap for the server as a whole. This is the final jump that our platform is undergoing up until its fully fledged release. Our server is going to be drastically changing in order to prepare on a technical and systematic level for our new map and expanded plugins and we can’t wait to be there alongside you all. With that being said, let's get into the steps which are going to be made throughout our Summer Season in order to get us closer to that actuality.


The End Of The Map

Possibly without some people realizing it, narrative actions to end that of the map have been happening for the last 4-5 months. Right now we are currently in the building tension which shall lead to the drastic amount of lore, revealed questions, and other possibly interesting happenings. The Final Event for the map will be a strange, multi-narrative and multi-parted experience which is going to be explained soon. Needless to say, it’s a nigh hopeless event which intends to put forth the prompt and dilemma for the actions that’ll be seen in the next Chapter of our Story.


These events shall be taking place from July 9th through July 11th. Major narrative tensions will be announced within our discord once a solidified time has been chosen, however that is the date range. After the last events have been completed, the server will be entering an intermediary shutdown period and the whitelist will be changed as to accompany for such.


If you are interested in finishing a storyline involving that of the Anoman map, message Event Lead Mystery or the respective ET immediately. Trying to finish these storylines earlier rather than later will be MUCH better for ensuring that we can give them the proper amount of resources and closure that we need. If for some strange unforeseen reason you’re going to be stressed for time and are ABSOLUTELY craving to fulfill some interaction or specific bit of knowledge, then please message Mystery#1104 directly through discord and he will set you up in the best way possible


Character Transfer


Assuming that one makes it through the finale events without dying, you are able to have your character move onwards to the new map. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind.


- Other than Chosen Certificates and a SMALL SELECT FEW event-tokens, no items will transfer into full release. Within the small select few there are likely to still be tweaks made to align them with future systems.

- Magical Progression is going to be locked. You will see on your MA (if you have one) that there’s going to be a comment by Mystery in which it affirms what rank and what progression you are at. If you have not been active, this rank may be lower than what it’d be otherwise or potentially nonexistent.

- Any and all knowledge your character learned amongst that of the Anoman Plains can be known onwards into the full release. That being said, certain magics and CAs may be getting changed/reworked during this period.


The New Map

Now with all this being said, this raises the question. 


“When IS the New Map?”


The simplest answer I can give for the moment is that it will be released sometime within 2022. There’s a lot of progress that we are going to need to make on our server from a plugin-side, back-end structure outlook, and general Lore/Event/Pre-Build section as to prepare ourselves for the full release. We’ve learnt a lot from the beta period for what needs to be in place, what can be changed on the fly, and what needs to be solidified before it’s ready for use. Ultimately we need to take this time to fully tear out and replace systems rather than making temporary solutions that end up in use for far too long.


There is naturally a lot of stuff that we want to have prepared. It’s in fact quite intimidating; however LF is a passion project for the Team Leads involved. The time involved doesn't matter, merely that we provide the best experience possible for the players which have come forward to help us.

As for what our new map is like, we can’t fully spoil it yet but:




We have been working on it for a long time now. It is intended to blow the current aesthetic of this map out of the water in terms of intrigue and general build-style.


What Until Then?


Well obviously, 2022 is a good bit aways. It’s a long standing lull that we’re willing to take in order to regroup and focus on what we’ll be able to do better. That being said, the stories and RP which LF intends to provide is not actually going to be coming to a complete stop.

We can’t get into much narrative-wise without spoiling a few of the events intended for the future, but during our intermediary period Lost Fables is going to be taking that of a relaxed delve into that one shots and DnD-esque storytelling of olden world history. These storylines are going to be referred to as ‘Fables’, and work based on groups being able to sign-up to get specific events timed around their group. An example sign-up sheet lays below:


The primary purpose of Fables is to do final polish testing on certain systems as they’re completed and allow for the exploration of different methods of storytelling for history which were once walls of text or hidden away.


A fully fledged post will be created once the final events have concluded, that fully explains the entire Mechanics of Fables, and how we intend to go about our intermediary chapter. Do keep in mind that Fables will likely not run until we have systems to test, however it will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis.


In terms of Reception, RT has had its quiet little story going on from the beginning, starting as Design Team until taking the whitelist duty from Moderation to become Reception Team. While many state that there is not much for the team to do over the course of the Beta, TDubs believes that there was actually plenty and would like to personally apologise for the lack of content produced by the team over the course of the beta. Despite this, he does have one thing to share to show you guys that we are still trucking away to make up for the past months.


This is the first of the race spotlights and certainly not the last. While the server is in this new period Reception will be building up a catalogue of media for the streamlining of new player onboarding. During the beta we have been woefully despondent in regards to new players and player retention with the purpose of testing. With a proper Team Lead at the head of Reception we can now tear down this process as well to rebuild it in a way that accommodates and integrates new players in an interactive and digestible manner.


How Can I Help?

There’s a few ways that you can help us out throughout this process. Obviously the first is to just join staff and feel free to volunteer. That being said with our hiatus period we are only going to be accepting staff members who are actively working alongside us to get out content at a reasonable rate.


We’re obviously always looking for volunteering coders, story writers, wiki designers, lore writers,  moderators, and other such… however the bare minimum of what truly helps us out is just the moral support that our playerbase brings us. Knowing that there is a group of active players who have been moved and touched by the stories which we have brought is a motivation unlike any other, pushing our Senior Staff to make a grand experience that can continue to satiate the demands for a grandiose storytelling platform. The Team Leads altogether can spend up to 40+ hours working on the server a week (alongside having our own jobs/schooling/requirements to fulfill) so seeing the hype we generate in players in our lore, environment, and server as a whole is fantastic in and of itself.


Final Note.

It is May 31st 2021 as of posting this. In just a bit less than a week (June 6th) is the official 1 year anniversary of Lost Fables’ creation. Through all the ups and downs, this server and the work therein has been a humbling experience we would not wish to have missed. As stated many times before; this platform is a passion project that we’re looking to perfect over time. As such we will continue to aim to exceed expectations and prove that no matter the state of the server, we will continue to push for improvement at all possible opportunities.

Unfortunately simply writing a large post which talks about what we intend to change will not remedy the problems that have been found. As such, don’t take our word for it; instead just sit back and watch our actions. It is from those that we aim to change the predisposition that people may have concluded about us, our server, our staff, and what we’re able to create.

We thank each and every individual who has taken part in the beta. Every experience plays a role in the changes we have planned. When Lost Fables opens its doors once more we welcome everyone to come look at all the changes we’ve made thanks to your feedback.

Thanks For Reading

Mystery & Korvic





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