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[CA] Cats' Oreads Near-fey. (Lava girl gets a collage degree)

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Character App

1.  Character Name


2. Character Backstory.


Var'arie, or just 'Arie' as some may call her hails as most Near-fey do, from the Fey realm. This specific Near-fey being an Oread, living in the vast underground tunnel system of the autumn fae court. She is the ultimate reflection of her people and culture at this time. Completely centered around passion, and what she would feel is correct, and what feels right, not always what is. This leads her, in combination with the way she was 'raised' as it were, to be an extremely selfish, and prideful individual. Along with this pride came a shear stubbornness to not learn common. She had many a chance to not learn it, however her stubbornness soon won over that of her mentor, and Arie eventually forgot the language. This would be the sewing of the seeds of something opposite of the culture she so strived to emulate.

Her mentor, one by the name of Grah-sha, was an especially unique one, neither good nor bad, Sha had the greatest influence on Arie in her early and mid-life, a true set of mother and daughter. Sha taught Arie all that was necessary, and then some. The manipulation of molten metal was a personal favorite of the pair. Often they'd throw it around in some sort of dodge ball. The dangerous- yet fun game becoming a childhood memory of the girl.

Though eventually, her coming of age ritual would come, reforming her necklace to something less discrete, and extremely showy. A lither necklace, wore high around the neck with an opal core. The necklace holds an eternal purple flame, an infinite source, that cannot run out. The woman is never seen without it, constantly holding it close, or around her neck. It has its own built in theft prevention system- ontop of the fact that she doesn't need to sleep.


Ontop of this, she doesn't wear much jewelry, to her own shame the woman has had few events that she could even start to base something off of. 

Though in time, she'd grow tired of the 'lack of materials' she had found in the autumn elf fae court. A curiosity to see something new, and specifically to her own selfish accord to find people, real people. Those who would accept weakness to a certain extent. She left on her own accord, venturing through the webways to find her own peace, and enjoyment. This is her goal, to simply be content, and to be surrounded by those who'd be mostly fine with her horribly blatant selfish ways as long as she didn't do anything too obscene. Effectively forsaking the whole 'strength' and discipline of the Oread culture, she chose a life of relaxation.

Once arriving- eventually- to the plane of Gaians she quickly realized the language gap between the two people, herself only speaking a limited amount of New Elvish she had picked up in the Fae Court, and Fae Speak itself. Despite the chance to learn common she had never picked it up, leading to a large language barrier that would be significantly difficult to bridge, and in fact she has no plans on bridging it. Perfectly content with not understanding as long as she does not need to do work. 

This however hardly makes her weak, or a liability, simply preferring to steer clear of combat, and do what she wishes instead of what is exactly best for those around her. Should need be for her to help, if she is willing on a whim she will agree, perhaps only to disagree at a later date. A being of pure emotion, often changing her mind on the spot.


3.  Character's Purpose

Arie seeks, as previously mentioned, to be as lazy as possible for an extent of time. To not have to work and to find her own enjoyment in things without judgement.



This doesn't apply as Arie is made of molten rock. Though assuming the man would just bump into her, he'd likely be set on fire, as a kerosene-napalm like substance continually trails from the woman as she chugs along- leaving back to the future style fire tire trails in her wake. Arie would point and laugh before moving on.

(Not combative, as one may simply brush the flames off of themselves, and in such small amounts they'd burn out before doing serious damage)


Arie looks at the trail she's left to see- indeed, a small forest fire and the entire area around her had caught aflame. She lets out a single, guilty sounding "Damn it... Not again.." with a long drawn out pause before she leaves with all haste, quickly, before anyone could identify her- the one flaming being- as the culprit. Likely to a town made of stone, instead of a forest.



Arie awakens to find herself in a semi-boiling blood. A horrible smell fills the air, she looks around her volcanic home- a curious conundrum. The blood would eventually boil off as she searches around for whatever had thrown the blood onto her. Eventually the being concludes that something must've fallen into her volcanic home.


5. Arie is a chaotic in it's definition, though she'll often go out of her way to help others, or to give them things simply due to the fact that it feels good to do so. The right thing for the wrong reason. Her goal is to be as lazy as possible.


6. Arie is a lazy bastard, but not exactly good or bad. If she wants to do something to help someone she'll do it, but actively avoids doing others harms as it 'Doesn't feel nice'



1. Why do you want to play a unique race?

I want to play this unique race simply for the fact I think it'd be an interesting and fun experience to do on the side. A sort of passive being I can play on the side.


2. How long and through what mediums have you been roleplay.

A long time, and a few.


3. Give a description of the lore for your unique race and how it fits into the overall server lore.

Oreads are the second most common near-fey, and the primary inhabitants of the Near-fey court of Autumn. They live in a place stuck in a constant cycle of death and life, a colorful slaughterhouse of magma and rock. They range in shapes and sizes from being effectively elves to monstrosities, only defined as lovecraftian horrors, leaving wakes of fire and burn the path they take. Made of volcanic materials, sharp edges and often open top skulls, they are filled with magma, able to survive up to 900 C with comfort. This passive heat will drop off depending on their areas, though it is told they can even survive in the winter court for a time. They are effectively equal to a small campfire. And just like a campfire, they will die if fully submerged in water.

They hold the same fae spark as the Oe Il'ha do, that to manipulate steel, and molten substances, shaping them as they will outside of combat. Once in combat however they would not be capable of focusing and loose control of the molten metal. Though of course, with a week cooldown they may form weapons that may be 'wither bent', requiring LT supervision, an Oe or a Oreads may imbue some of the very decay of the Autumn Court into the metal, should it come into contact, there are 3 stages of withering, if one is in stage one and contact with the metal is made, they shall progress to stage 2, and then to stage 3. Starting with the loss of all fast actions, with a -3 movement penalty, a -2 movement speed, and finally a -1 before the user is returned to simply being normally injured. They are fine quality by default, unless improved, in which case there is a 2 week cooldown as opposed to 1.

Last but not least, certainly for the racial abilities is their ability to sling their fucking molten blood at people 3 times in a 10x1x1 line infront of them. They are able to do it 3 times, and upon the second shot they receive a -1 blockspeed, and are slower in general until they absorb fire, or lava, or some sort of heat outside of combat. Should they try to do it for a fourth time, it will be a permanent PK, ceasing their fiery glow and coming a statue of volcanic rock. 

These creatures fit as inhabitants of the world of the autumn court, they exist for that exact reason, and each has their own for leaving and coming to the world where Gaians inhabit, mine for example is simply to enjoy herself. That said there are likely a good amount of them out there, however, they are not in the realm of the Gaians, they are in the Fae world. From what I've been able to experience the journey is less than friendly as well, leaving little excuse to leave.



The simple fact that there is no other player played species like it. While the Oe may be able to forge withered steel, they aren't from the Fae realm itself, nor are they able to withstand such high heats. My Oread would not be the best choice as a persona to create plot lines no, but it certainly would be beneficial for a playerbase that was interested in interacting with something unique and special. 

A primary example of this could be a situation in which one meets an Oread, mine in this case, they interact, perhaps play a game, and win, and then I must track them down at a later date to award them a necklace, possibly drawing more attention to that person who just had this seemingly random lava monster appear from no-where, mumble some fae speak and give them a necklace. It certainly would strike up a question, and lead to some interesting RP.

There is also the fact that there aren't many around, ET played or player played. It would draw more attention to the Fae realm, and the Near-fey as a whole. Perhaps sparking an interest in the realms, leading to people attempting to explore them, or sparking an interest in an elemental lord. These are just a few examples of what could possibly become of a near-fey being played actively.

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