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Peace has returned to Anoma

Anoma appears to have returned to peace...on the surface.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

What will end the land of Talidur? 

The Void?
The Titans?

Vote in the discord #chosen-vote-four.

andydreww's Whitelist Application

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  1. Minecraft Username(s): andydreww
  2. Your Age: 21
  3. Timezone: CST
  4. Discord Tag: andydreww#8816
  5. Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Yes
  6. Where did you hear of LF? (Put a player's IGN below if you were referred): Close Friends
  7. Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or Otherwise): Yes
  8. Define the term 'Metagaming' and provide an example: Using concepts/knowledge learned or heard of out of character and applying that stuff in-game. An example can be someone accusing you of an act but they weren't at that given scene.
  9. Define the term 'Powergaming' and provide an example: Creating actions and events that are outside a logical boundary / have little reasonability. An example can be ignoring after-effects from a nauseous sleep potion.
  10. Character Race and Sub-Race: Human, Pelagian
  11. Character Name: Olive "Crow" Joyner
  12. Character Age: 35
  13. Tell us about your character. (Appearance, backstory, family relations, etc): The faint porcelain complexion Olive holds is a miracle considering her time at sea, but her garbs are of a true pirate. She wears a typical black and white buttoned vest with a striped tunic and ruffled sleeves, coral red scarf, a mish-mash of skirts and fabrics down her legs, charcoal black boots, and a matching colored hat with similar coral red feathers riding up into the air. Put simply, Olive takes to her attire as if she were the captain of her own proud ship. Her wooden carving of a ship she keeps as a personal memento serves as her inspiration!

    Some say the life of a Pelagian woman is as bland as taking care of the men aboard a ship and keeping them fed and lively. Such a statement couldn't falter any harder when looking towards Olive. She tends to stay atop the crow's nest of a ship, trusty telescope in hand as she observes her surroundings. Her family once taught her that perception is vital for a pirate, and such a lesson was taken deeply for the Joyner. Olive tends to hold very few relations with those aboard any ship she sails upon, let alone her family. She's not one to be so keen about making friends - she'd rather work alone. Still, she has a few friends who she may call upon. Her goal of attaining her own ship and following the footsteps of Althrin won't be stopped due to some petty tricks or coin. A plan is Olive's best weapon, even if she has to make it up as she goes!
  14. Character Traits: Olive has a sharp gaze and usually tends to be quite inquisitive and curious about anything that catches her eye. However, such usually involves weaponry, tools, trinkets, or other materialistic fancies like drinks! The Joyner also holds a generous heart for those she's close with, a rather loyal friend to have at the sight of danger or conflict. However, such a heart can easily turn cold and harsh for those that cross her path. Olive's natural isolation during her youth made the woman rather judgemental of newcomers, especially those hailing from her familiar pirate lifestyle. Perhaps it's a part of her competitive nature? Or is there a sense of envy involved as well? Whatever the case, Olive doesn't play her cards lightly nor does she let her guard down so easily. Only when surrounded by companions will she blossom into a joyful revelry.
  15. Upon landing on Anoma, you find yourself short of food, coin, and housing. There are some signs that indicate there's an established settlement nearby, as well as some ruins off to the side of the road. With the sun setting and an empty stomach, how does your character handle this situation?: Boots crunching the trail underneath her, Olive squinted up at the rather decayed signs, considering how one of them seemed to be on the verge of falling right off the post. Nevertheless, the woman huffed a sigh as she began her trek towards the refuge known as Myrefall. Granted, she hadn't bother learning about the settlement as she'd rather read maps than tomes or parchments, but at least it may buy her time to formulate a plan. Her rumbling stomach acting as encouragement, Olive departed from the signpost.

    Descending down the trail as twilight formed above her, Olive would've taken in her surroundings and perhaps collected a few knacks along the way such as flowers or herbs should she investigate them further or a forgotten trinket left on the side of the trail. Once reaching Myrefall, Olive would begin making her way towards the town square and with night above her, began a swift exploration. Her surveillance lends her to be more "avant-garde" with her solutions. She'd search for apple trees, grapevines, or other pluckable vegetations before swiftly taking the fruits away - if she doesn't get caught, that is. However, she wouldn't think about rummaging through trash or other's homes - she's much more above than that. The Joyner has a rather odd definition of "stealing" one could say.

    Regarding housing, the woman would rather test her luck with the tavern before asking a random person on the streets. Even if no rooms were available, Olive would inquire about resting in a storage room of some sorts. She'd perhaps even mention using the lush throw pillows and linen fabrics the tavern boasts as well, offering typical payment if required. Minimalistic to the letter, and perhaps content with little in general, Olive would think about working amongst the lumberyards or even peddling wares on her own. As much as her mouth lands her into treacherous waters, so did it save her from many disasters. Above all else, the more independent she could be once she gets her bearings collected, the better. And such can begin tomorrow morning.
  16. Would you like to upload your skin, or provide a link?: Link
  17. Upload Skin:
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✨ Welcome to Lost Fables! ✨


Congratulations, friend! Your application has been accepted! Welcome to Anoma. You are now free to log on and begin your adventure at any time. It is a joy to see another player join our family of roleplayers.  Upon your arrival, I recommend that you call for a wandering traveler to help you along. In order to do this, please execute the following command: /request create designer Wandering traveler guidance, please! The wandering traveler may assist you in venturing through the lands or with any of your questions.


If you need any help you may message me in-game /msg Tha_Mystery_Man or message me on Discord Mystery#1104 or on the forums by clicking my profile

Feel free to join us on our [Discord].  For more information on server lore, visit our [Wiki]. As well if you are interested, here is a discord to the concurrent active Pelagian discord: https://discord.gg/JMvtRZeM

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