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Occult Hunters (Magic Submission)

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The Occult Hunters


Artwork by Stephen Nickel

A Giantblood Hunter and their Guardian

Rarity: Rare

Danger Level: Medium

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

"Every day Gaia is under the scourge of invasion by all kinds of spooks, and what? We're just supposed to let some shiny bastards take care of the problem? Even though they're outsiders to Gaia? Even though they've harmed us on more than one occasion, and even then they're only caught up in demons, what are we supposed to do about the undead that rise and devour our kids in the night or possess our wives and drive them loony? We are Gaians, and we ought to take this problem into our own hands.”

- Gregory De'vou, First Occult Hunter


  • 1 History
    • 1.1 Introduction
  • 2 Mechanics
    • 2.1 The Hunter's Requiem
      • 2.1.1 Gathering the Hunter's Essence
    • 2.2 Phantasmal Guardian
    • 2.3 Occultish Quarry
  • 3 The Four Ranks
  • 4 The Hunter's Arsenal
    • 4.1 [ Spirit Sight ]
    • 4.2 [ Spirit Blast ]
    • 4.3 [ Alarm ]
    • 4.4 [ Exorcism ]
    • 4.5 [ Binding ]
  • 5 The Guardian's Repertoire
    • 5.1 Rank 1
      • Guardian Form
    • 5.2 Rank 2
      • Guardian Specialization
        • Warrior
          • Sweeping Spirit
          • Punishing Blow
        • Defender
          • Enhanced Guardian Integrity
          • Shield Guardian
    • 5.3 Rank 3
      • Guardian Augmentation
        • Platinum Spirit
        • Increased Guardian Range
        • Guardian Wall
        • Warrior's Weapon
    • 5.4 Rank 4
      • Prime Augmentation
        • Guardian Armor
        • Vorpal Stun
        • Spirit Swap
        • Chains of Oblivion
        • Flames of Penance
        • Iron Maiden
        • Broken Judgement
        • Monolithic Guardian
  • 6 Summary
    • 5.1 General Redlines


It should come to no surprise that Gaia faces otherworldly threats on the daily. From daemonic invasions, to the mischievous workings of the fae. Gaia’s threats are never her own, it’s always the temperament of extra-planer forces. Humanity and its fellow races are far below on the food chain against the forces of the supernatural. A rogue wraith alone is able to conquer and ruin a town within a fortnight, a lycan on a full-moon is enough to slay an entire legion of peasants in a single night. To this end, if Gaia needed to put a stop to these otherworldly beings, it stands to reason that it needed to be a gaia-born solution, and that is where Gregory De’vou begins his tale.


A man of a loathsome calibur, Gregory lived his life as the adopted child of a lone hunter. Born the sole survivor of a town brought to ruin by the Cult of Kindred, much of Gregory’s young life was spent staving off the corruption of that horrid night that left him terribly ill. His adopted father found him while tracking down a beast of renown in the local area, burnt and coughing up blood, it was a miracle he was even able to bring the child back to his home alive. The hunter nursed the kid to health and began to raise him as his own, though the scars of that night lived still in Gregory’s mind. Gregory gained a certain… sense to the strange. If ever he was in town with his father, his gaze wandered to those around him, and those that hid their faces, or those that masked their eyes caught his attention the most. He could almost tell if someone was a blooded with a single, weary glance.


His distrust for the blooded only grew as he aged. When he was old enough to carry a rifle, he nearly killed a wandering half-blood he met in the forest, only stopped by his father. His father had a slight sympathy for the blooded scourge, which always confused Gregory. The two went on their way, though Gregory faced heavy scolding from his father. It wasn’t just blooded Gregory was weary of however, Empyreans and other demi-celestials caused Gregory unease as well. Empyreans were an aliens to Gaia, yet they claim themselves the protectors of her yet they only fought the Blooded and Demons, and thats not to speak of the stories of them fighting Gaians, what about spirits or wraiths, what do the empyreans do then? Nothing? Gregory detested all things that weren’t native of Gaia, just as much as he detested the blooded. This quality never left him, even as he became a young man. 


Gregory found himself one night reading on the blooded, empyreans, and all manner of supernatural entity, and he found a common weakness between them, silver, and platinum as well. Something about these two metals brought harm to any supernatural entity that came in contact with them, Gregory had to know what it was at any cost. So while in the morning he was a normal hunter, by night he was a sadist that experimented on captured blooded that came into his father’s forest. No stone was left unturned, and with a mound of bodies underneath him, he found his answer. It wasn’t the flesh that was harmed by the metals, it was the very souls of the vile creatures that were harmed. With this knowledge, the hunter began to work, he left into the forest at dusk and searched and searched until he found what he needed, a desecrated alter that hummed with ancient magic. He spent many days there, just in pure focus, feeling the air around him slowly churn. He slowly felt the wisps of magical essence tug at his soul, and once he felt he was ready, he took a dagger made of silver and plunged it into his chest. He felt a searing pain in the deep recesses of his mind, his body burning with a heat that felt hotter than hot coals. He gripped the dagger harder, and with a tug, ripped out a piece of his own soul.


The hunter collapsed soon after, waking up in the morning in a pool of his own blood, bile churning in his stomach. He had what he wanted though, a wriggling strand of his own life force. He carried it home, and began to work with it. He would feed it the essence he would gather from the altar for a month, watching as it slowly grew and grew to around the size of his own hand. The piece was like a small pet, ever at his side unless he willed it back into his body, however he wasn’t satisfied quite yet. As cute as it was, it was far from useful in his goals. He needed this thing to be much bigger, and he felt he didn’t have enough time to get there from feeding alone. So for a year, he would return to the altar, and perform the ritual once a month to sever pieces of his soul, feeding them to the first piece until it contained half his own. Now much larger, he set about training what he dubbed “His Guardian,” shaping it into a wolf which he saw as a fitting companion. With his newfound partner, he began to hunt within his forest, releasing halfblood captives into the wilds, using his wolf and his rifle to bring them all down with devastating precision.


Gregory grew old however, and with half his soul now separated from his, his time began to draw closer to an end. He felt it in the wind, the bells of death encroaching on him. He cursed the gods, this wouldn’t be his end, he had to provide gaia with her savors, he couldn’t be her first and last. So for the first time in years, he left his forest sanctuary and went to the town he used to visit with his father, only greeted with screams and terror. Gregory De’vou he may have been once upon a time, now though, stood in front of these people was the terror of the forest. Saggy, pale skin, graying hair, bloodied clothes and dark, soulless eyes. He met their weary gazes with pity before moving to the town center, screaming out that he discovered a way to finally give gaians a way to fight the supernatural meneces that plagued them. No one believed him, and he left in the night, never to return. The name Gregory De’vou fading into nothing but obscurity as nothing but a racist bigot.


Why he may have faded to history, his discoveries managed to live on. Some say he managed to find an apprentice before he died, others say people just raided his home and found his papers, either way he wasn’t the only Hunter, others rose to prominence with the same supernatural hating mindset. The method remained largely the same, though refined as further generations experimented, though the cost of the abilities was always the same.


The Hunter’s Requiem

The path of a hunter is a never an easy one, and to even begin on the path is to forsake any chance of a happy afterlife and suffer the judgement of the gods. However, until then, the hunter is able to accomplish their ancient goal. Every hunter is tasked with exterminating the supernaturals that plague Gaia, it is this task that a hunter lives by, and to forsake it is to turn your back on Gaia herself and the Organization. Any hunter that is found to have betrayed the order is promptly hunted down and culled like the rest of the vermin that the hunters exterminate each and every day. That aside, to begin on the path is an arduous task, requiring both the knowledge of the ritual, as well as a wellspring of essence or a layline. The ritual is as such- The Hunter must obtained a specially crafted dagger. The blade must be made from a quartz infused silver, with a handle made from either obsidian or soul ceder. Once this dagger has been made the hunter must then travel to some place that's rich in essence. There they must meditate, focusing inward on their soul until they can almost feel the wisps of essence begin to flow around them. They must then take the dagger and plunge it forth into their chest and make a motion of cutting. If done correctly, the hunter’s soul should be cleaved in two while only suffering minor wounds. Now with their soul cleaved open, the hunter will now be able to harness essence and use it in a variety of spells. 



  • From the moment the Hunter performs this ritual, they have sacrificed years of their life. Each hunter lives with a reduced life expectancy, living a 35% shorter life. In fact as the hunter assails the ranks, they begin to experience signs of old age earlier than they would have, this is detailed in the redlines below.
  • T1: The hunter looks exactly like the moment before they began on this path, however the hunter will suffer a persistent feeling of hollowness in the pit of their soul.
  • T2: At this stage the hunter will begin to notice their body starting to suffer from signs of malnutrition, such as feeling sluggish, reduced interest in food, and wounds taking longer to heal than normal.
  • T3: The hunter’s hair begins to gray as if they were in their elder stages of life. The hunter may also begin to have bouts of memory loss, unable to remember small things from here and there, this is never anything major, though they may misplace things frequently.
  • T4: The hunter at this stage quite noticeably looks like they are nearing the end of their life, with saggy pale skin, and soulless dead eyes. The hunter begins to have erratic, schizophrenic behavior on top of their memory loss, this behavior may manifest in them believing their guardian to be alive, even subconsciously willing them into acting. 
  • It is impossible to steal someone’s soul with this method, as well it is impossible to perform this ritual on someone else. It must be done manually. Any attempt to try and stab someone else with the dagger merely results in pain, lots of pain.
  • By performing this ritual, The Hunter’s soul is considered “unfit” for any afterlife. Once they die they have only the void to fall to and the eons of agony it entails

Phantasmal Guardian

A guardian is main staple of any valiant Occult Hunter, spirit-like entities that follow their hunters into battle and help them fight against the supernatural threat. Guardians come in all manners of shapes, sizes, and appearances, though they all hold the same purpose, to help vanquish the blights upon Gaia. Gaining a Guardian is no easy task however, once the Hunter has performed the Requiem ritual, from which they tear open their soul to the energies of essence, they must then carve their soul in twine. With this half they must now assemble it into a worthy vessel from which it will grow into a Guardian. This vessel must be fed essence for a total of 2 IRL weeks, this is done by performing the “Animam Absorbet” method at a layline and foregoing adding essence to the hunter’s own essence pool. Once these two weeks are over, the vessel will have matured into a fledgling guardian, which at rank 1 is nothing but a mass of esoteric light. 



  • The guardian takes two emotes to manifest, and requires 2 Essence for every round after while in combat. When not in combat, the guardian is less taxing to manipulate and only requires 2 essence for every narrative hour.
  • The guardian must stay within 5 blocks of the Hunter or else it will de-manifest, this can however be augmentd with specific guardian augments.
  • The guardian is not a sentient creature and is merely a puppet to the hunter, though with the declining mental stability of the hunter as they progress the ranks, the hunter may subconsciously will the guardian into acting with a facsimile of intelligence. The guardian is stilll, however, incapable of speech. 
  • The guardian acts on the hunter’s turn, and any action the guardian does requires the hunter’s equivalent action to perform. I.E. Only one action may be performed by the hunter or guardian on their turn.
  • The process of feeding essence to the vessel must be overseen by an LT or ET
  • A guardian may be moved up to 6 blocks in a single turn, this takes up the hunter’s fast action in order to perform.
  • For all intents and purposes, as a spiritual being, the Guardian is weak to silver and platinum. If striked with weapons such as these, the guardian will enter a weakened state with a strength reduction of 20% and a movement speed penalty of 2 blocks (to a total 4). A guardian may de-manifest if it is struck 2 times by these weapons, while normal weapons require 4 hits. Magics that target the soul may affect the Guardian like a normal soul.
  • When not in use, the Guardian rests within the soul of the Hunter until it is manifested again. While manifested, the Guardian is visible to anyone around the hunter.
  • The guardian is as much as a competent fighter as the hunter wills it to be. A guardian will not naturally dodge attacks left and right, it requires the hunter to use their own dodge action to get it out of harm’s way at the cost of potentially putting themselves at risk.

The Hunter’s Quarry

The guardian is not the end goal of the Hunters however, it is their prey. A hunter must decide when they join the path what they wish to hunt, be it blooded, demi-celestials, the fae, or the undead. Each are their own beasts, with weaknesses and powers that are vastly different, it is with this reason that a hunter may only ever have 1 specific type of supernatural that they wish to target. To begin hunting, a hunter is required to have slain at least 1 of their targets before, a difficult feat, but once they do they can then begin to attune their guardian to it. This is done by taking something from the creature, be it a finger, ectoplasm, or even blood, any are viable. The hunter must then place the trophy within a bowl before entering a trance-like state, focusing on connecting with their guardian before taking the contents of the bowl and eating it. The hunter may then feel an incredible warmness in the pit of their soul as well as their guardian. This warmness will then increase to a blistering warmth that causes the hunter to sweat, with feelings of pain beginning to set in that grow almost unbearable over the course of a single day. This lasts an entire day, afterwards the hunter will find that their guardian is more aptly able to handle their chosen prey.



  • You can only perform the ritual once, performing the Quarry ritual again causes nothing to happen. This may not be circumvented by acquiring two or more trophies and preparing, at the point the LT in charge of overseeing the ritual chooses between the types.
  • Using something like Gaian, or beastfolk blood will cause the ritual to fail, as would anything else of these races. Gaian meaning Humans, Dwarves, Elves, etcetera.


The Four Ranks

To judge the progression of a Hunter and their Guardian, four Ranks are given in accordance with the base magic rules. Basic, Adept, Expert, and Master spellcasters. A Hunter and their Guardian must abide by their Rank for a minimum of Two Months, allowing them to become a Master Hunter at six. Each Rank achieved grants the Spellcaster access to a new list of spells and abilities:

(T1)Basic Spellcaster | 0 Months | 25 Essence | Spirit Sight, Spirit Blast, Guardian Form

(T2)Adept Spellcaster | 2 Months | 30 Essence | Alarm. Guardian Specialization 

(T3)Expert Spellcaster | 4 Months | 35 Essence | Spirit Track, Guardian augment

(T4)Master Spellcaster | 6 Months | 40 Essence | Binding, Guardian augment


Hunter’s Arsenal

Hunters, like most other magics, have a kit of magical spells that aid them in their perilous quest of extermination, though unlike other magics, the hunter is unable to cast these spells directly and instead casts them through their guardian.

[ Spirit Sight ]

Rank: 1 | Emotes: 1 | Essence: 0

Description: With the growing threat of supernatural menaces on Gaia, Hunters needed a way to allow themselves to perceive their foes, thus the most basic, and most essential spell was created. Spirit sight is the conjoined visions of Hunter and their Guardian, allowing them to peer past the materia and gain sight of all that is unnatural.

Mechanics: The Hunter connects with their guardian, allowing themselves to share the same senses that dip into the otherworldly. This connection allows the Hunter to perceive the strange and unnatural aspects of other beings.


  • This spell may be cast as a fast action, lasting for a single round before needing to be cast again.
  • This spell only allows the Hunter to perceive the extra-planer essence of another being’s soul, be it the celestial essence of a demi-celestial, or the daemonic essence of a corrupted being. Spiritual beings, such as wraiths and poltergeists are able to be perceived as well even if they are in a state of hiding.
  • This spell has a range of 15 blocks.

[ Spirit Blast ]

Rank: 1 | Emotes: 3 | Essence: 5

Description: The second most basic spell in the Hunter’s Arsenal. Spirit blast is spell performed by calling your guardian into yourself and feeding it essence until it wells up to the point of being unleashed as a blast of energy towards any unlucky enough to be caught in the way.

Mechanics: The hunter begins to focus on their guardian, channeling them over the course of one emote before sucking their guardian into themselves. During the second emote the Hunter forces essence into their guardian, which begins to swell. During the third emote they unleash the guardian as a blast of energy.


  • This spell causes your guardian to de-manifest, and will require your guardian in order to perform it again.
  • This spell has a range of 8 blocks

[ Alarm ]

Rank: 2 | Emotes: 2 | Essence: 10*

Description: With so many targets at once, a Hunter needs to be ever vigilant as to where their prey moves, thus the Alarm spell was made. Utilizing strands of essence, the Hunter creates a magical line of thread between two points, if an attuned supernatural type passes through the line the hunter will receive an alert.

Mechanics: Over the course of one emote, the hunter focuses inwardly on themselves before bringing their hands together. During the second emote, the hunter draws their hands apart, creating the magical thread needed for the spell. The hunter will then attach the thread to two points and await for their targets to move through the area.


  • This line is 6 foot in length and can only be seen by the hunter
  • The hunter may increase the length by expending extra essence
  • Once a target moves through the line, it dissipates

[ Exorcism ]

Rank: 3 | Emotes: 4 | Essence: 15

Description: One of the first premises of The Occult Hunters were to protect gaia with their own hands, so with the onslaught of demons and ghosts possessing the loved ones of hunter, they needed a way to expel them so they could finish them once and for all, so with that the Exorcism spell was created, capable of pulling a spirit or demonic avatar free from the bodies of those unlucky enough to fall under their influence.

Mechanics: Over the course of two emotes, the hunter channels their essence into a grid-like shape around their target, then on the third they unleash a blast of energy from the grid that if lucky, should expel the target of spirits or demons.


  • The energy is incapable of harming and is merely a means to expel extra-planer influences.

[ Binding  ]

Rank: 4 | Emotes: 4 | Essence: 20

Description: At the height of a hunter’s rank, and with the dawning bells encroaching, the spell of binding was created to save the hunter time of waiting for their foe to reaperate. Binding allows the hunter to bind their target to the materia plane, removing their supernatural target’s ability to flee.

Mechanics: Essentially this is the ultimate spell a hunter is able to learn, allowing them to keep spirits and other flaky entities in place for them to execute. How this manifests if the hunter causing the entity to become anchored to the materia for 4 emotes, during this period the entity is treated as a solid being, and is unable to perform any sort of warping or hiding.

The hunter clears their mind of all thoughts and begins to focus inwardly before outstretching their hands over the course of 1 emote. During the second emote they begin to imagine a grid underneath their target. With the third emote they imagine ropes coming from the grid and tying up the target. With the fourth emote they then focus on the motion of locking something, either imagining a large key to fit into a lock. Once done the target will suddenly feel more solid (if they weren’t before) and unable to phase or teleport.


  • This spell is performed as a round action, requiring the hunter’s utmost focus.
  • This spell does NOT tie a target up, it merely anchors their spirit/essence to the materia, they are still able to run should they choose.
  • This spell is able to be used on normal beings of the materia, however the only effect would be keeping them on the materia and or canceling a spell that would shift their location. If this spell is contested by, say, a greater being who wishes to pull someone into another plane, the hunter must succeed an 19 or above on a roll of 20.

The Guardian’s Repertoire

Rank 1

When a hunter first gains their guardian, it is without shape or definition, appearing as a non-descript mass of “light,” it is up to the Hunter to craft their guardian with whom they will be better equipped to hunt down their ancient prey. This is done at each rank of the Hunter’s abilities. 


Guardian Form

At rank 1, the hunter must decide on the form their guardian shall grow into, be they humanoid in shape or more animalistic, or perhaps more abstract in appearance. The form of a guardian has no bearing on the guardian’s abilities, though a hunter must keep in mind that once a form is decided it can not be reversed. 



  • A guardian at rank 1 is simplistic, and may not be formed with a weapon such as a sword or axe, natural weapons such as claws or teeth are fine however. This may be changed with an augment however.
  • A guardian may only be a little bigger than their hunter, for example if a Hunter is 6 foot, the guardian may be 7 and a half foot tall.
  • A guardian is capable of naturally floating, however the allowed block range must always be kept in mind.
  • You may not make a guardian that is Invisible, and or translucent. Guardians may also not change colors.

Rank 2

At this rank the hunter and their guardian should be beginning to show improvement in teamwork and coordination, as well the guardian should have more detail to their form. It is now time for the Hunter to decide on how their guardian should further grow as their companion in battle, are they more focused on protecting the hunter, or are they the glass cannon, more focused on fighting supernaturals head-on, this decision affects the Guardian going forward.

Specialization of the Warrior

As the warrior, your guardian will be more inclined towards putting itself at risk in order to deal blows to the chosen prey. While it learns far more offensive maneuvers, it lacks the abilities to take care of itself while in battle and will require the hunter to handle keeping it protected.

Sweeping Spirit

Emotes: 2 | Essence: 4

The Hunter carefully begins to charge up an attack before then directing their guardian to deliver a sweeping blow in a 4 block cone. 


  • It is 4 blocks starting from the guardian
  • There must be obvious tells to the attack, such as the guardian charging something or what have you, it just has to show that the hunter and guardian are preparing something

Punishing Blow

Emotes: 2 | Essence: 2

The Hunter winds up their guardian before delivering a non-harmful blow that is capable of pushing an opponent back 4 blocks 


  • It is 4 blocks starting from the guardian
  • There must be obvious tells to the attack, such as the guardian charging something or what have you, it just has to show that the hunter and guardian are preparing something

Specialization of the Defender 

As the defender, your guardian has your best interests at heart, putting itself in harms’ way in order to protect you. While it learns less offensive maneuvers, its constitution allows it to better take harm and shrug it off, allowing the hunter to handle the extermination instead. 


Enhanced Guardian Integrity


The guardian is able to better withstand attacks done against it. It now takes 4 hits from a platinum/silver weapon to de-manifest the guardian and 6 for normal weapons.


Shield Guardian

Emotes: 2 | Essence: 6

The Guardian forms a spectral shield with which it is able to block one attack towards either itself or its hunter. This shield is treated the same as a Fine Steel shield. 


  • This shield lasts for a single attack

Rank 3

At this rank, your guardian has grown to the point that it is able to share in the hunter’s ability of touch, now able to interact with the physical world. They are able to pick up and hold things with whatever apparatus they have that will allow them to do so, this is however, taxing on the hunter’s soul as it requires some manner of focus. A guardian may only hold something for 5 emotes before dropping it. As well, a guardian can only lift up to 60 pounds, with the amount of force it can exude being 100 pounds.

Guardian Augmentation (Choose 1)

Upon reaching rank 3, the hunter may now begin to continue to build their Guardian into something more useful to them, this is done via special training referred to as augments. Augmentations further improve the guardian in their specialization or provide some other use to the hunter.

Platinum Spirit


augments the natural attack of the guardian to have the properties of Silver/Platinum when fighting the attuned supernatural type.


Increased Guardian Range


Increases the Guardian’s allowed range from 5 blocks to 15 blocks


  • To specify, 15 blocks from the Hunter

Guardian Wall (Preq Defender)

Emotes: 3 | Essence 8

Over the course of three emotes, the Hunter channels essence into their guardian, causing them to morph and bend into a spectral wall capable of temporarily protecting the hunter and any compatriots from harm.


  • This wall is 10 feet across and 7 high, appearing as a thin spectral barrier
  • This wall lasts for 4 emotes before de-manifesting

Warrior’s Weapon (Preq Warrior)


While not in a combat, a hunter may (over the course of a phase) break down a material (non-magical) melee weapon and attune it to their warrior guardian.


  • A guardian may only be attuned to a single melee weapon at a time
  • A guardian may not be attuned to any ranged weapon
  • The hunter loses the weapon in the process of attuning



Rank 4

At this rank I guess the guardian can now lift up to 120 lbs, and exude force up to 200 lbs for up to 8 emotes.


Prime Augmentation (Choose 2)

Upon reaching the point of Mastery, The hunter may once again choose to augment their guardian with a series of special augments called Prime Augments. Prime Augments are the pinnacle of Guardian creation, being the last step in the process. From here a guardian has nothing else to gain.


Guardian Armor (Preq Defender)

Emotes: 4 | Essence 15

Over the course of 3 emotes the Hunter begins to channel essence around them and their guardian, before then on the 4th The Guardian joins with the hunter, forming a spectral set of armor over them. This armor lasts for 4 rounds and is treated as fine. While this armor is active the Guardian is unusable, as well, this armor is treated as heavy armor and has the same movement penalties.


  • The armor is as strong as iron

Vorpal Stun

Emotes: 2 | Essence: 8

Over the course of two emotes, the guardian wells up with energy before releasing a burst, causing those close to it to become stunned for a round.


  • The range of the burst is 3 blocks around the guardian
  • The ability is able to affect the hunter just as much as it can other targets

Spirit Swap (Preq Increased Guardian Range)

Emotes: 3 | Essence: 20

The hunter begins to channel essence around them and their guardian for 2 emotes before on the third suddenly jumping to the location of their guardian on the 3rd.


  • If something is in the way, the hunter appears in the next closest spot
  • This ability is subject to spells that inhibits a person’s ability to shift locations

Chains of Oblivion (Preq Undead Specialization, Platinum Spirit) 

Emotes: 4| Essence: 15

Over the course of 3 emotes, the guardian channels forth essence around itself in coil like patterns before the on the forth it unleashes the energy as chains toward their target. These chains feel like burning steel and leave behind frostbite scars.


  • Undead hit by these chains feel more sluggish than usual
  • These chains have a range of 4 blocks


Flames of Penance (Preq Blooded Specialization, Platinum Spirit) 

Emotes: 4| Essence: 15

Over the course of 3 emotes the guardian ignites with silvery flames that grow in intensity, before on the 4th lashing out at a blooded target. These flames feel ice cold to the target and leave behind pale white, 3rd degree burn scars.


  • This ability has a range of 4 blocks from the guardian
  • The fire lashes strike at the speed of an arrow in a whip-like motion
  • Wearing armor properly can reduce the damage one takes, in proportion to the type of armor; light doing little, where heavy can negate up to half of it.



Iron Maiden (Preq Fae Specialization, Platinum Spirit) 

Emotes: 4| Essence: 15

Over the course of 3 emotes the guardian wells in size before splitting itself open, then on the 4th emote chains would fly from it before attempting to draw any fae targets into itself, snapping shut and impaling any within it.


  • There must be obvious tells to this ability when in use
  • This ability has a range of 4 blocks.
  • This ability does NOT PK, the injuries suffered from this are minor, simply leaving behind scars.
  • Once the being is drawn inside, the guardian will de-manifest



Broken Judgement (Preq Demi-Celestial Specialization, Platinum Spirit) 

Emotes: 4| Essence: 15

The hunter and their guardian over the course of 3 emotes channel their essence into the solid shape of a spear before then on the 4th the guardian lifts it and attempts to run it through their demi-celestial target.


  • This ability has a range of 4 blocks
  • This spear is treated as a fine, platinum weapon



Monolithic Guardian


With steady training and a helpful diet of essence, your guardian swells to a grander scale, now twice the height of their hunter.


  • Just to specify, they are twice the size of their hunter. If the hunter is a 3 foot gorney, the guardian is 6 foot, and so forth.
  • However, the max cap on this is 12 foot.



Occult Hunters are the epitome of monster hunter. Their ultimate goal is the extermination of any supernatural they set their mind to. However, the magic is supposed to be entirely customizable for the player, with the guardian able to be morphed to whatever the player wants. With this in mind, the magic is technically a darker magic, as it does require years of the user’s life in order to obtain, that aside I believe this will make for an interesting magic in the hands of players.

General Redlines

  • Becoming an Occult Hunter requires the hunter to have an untainted soul formed on Gaia. Humans, any race of dwarf, rheks, and even natural golems are able to become hunters. Elves, near-fey, cross racial half-breeds (ie Halfelves and the like), template races, and demi-celestials are not able to possess the magic. Similarly, beings that are soulless are unable to wield the magic as well.
  • If an Occult Hunter is interrupted after their channeling emote they must start again
  • Casting spells from the arsenal takes a standard action unless otherwise stated
  • It is possible to become a Hunter by means of Self-Teaching, however it is required that players submit proof that their characters obtained knowledge of the magic and the ritual IRP
  • For the sake of moderation tracking, ease of access, and for one’s own benefit, it is highly suggested that the player keeps their persona’s Essence Value in their persona prefix.
  • Attempts to maliciously and knowingly power game, loophole, or generally provide a low standard of RP with this and any other magic may lead to one’s MA being revoked.    
  • All spells require the proper Essence in order to be cast.        
  • Attempting to loophole the tier progression system could lead to one’s progress being reset or paused.        
  • For ease of tracking, when selecting a specialization at rank 2 and augments for your Guardian at ranks 3 and 4, it is best to leave a new comment on your accepted MA stating which one you choose and at what rank. Attempting to weasel around the system by editing these comments will lead to severe punishments.


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This has been claimed and will undergo some review in the coming days. If you have any questions or wish to reach out during this period, feel free to contact me or a Senior LT.

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