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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

reiidisbest11's Whitelist Application

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  1. Minecraft Username(s): reidisbest11
  2. Your Age: 13
  3. Timezone: eastern
  4. Discord Tag: reiidisbest11#4254
  5. Have you read and fully agree to the rules?: Yes
  6. Where did you hear of LF? (Put a player's IGN below if you were referred): I found it on goggle
  7. Have you ever roleplayed before? (D&D, GMod, Minecraft, or Otherwise): ye I have rp on Minecraft and robloxs
  8. Define the term 'Metagaming' and provide an example: using knowledge that ur person does not have like I don't know what a cupcakes is in the personal im taking up but if I say I know what a cupcake is that wouldn't be metagaming
  9. Define the term 'Powergaming' and provide an example: ignoring the imitates of my Carter and someone else's and if I got my lag cut off I cloud not walk
  10. Character Race and Sub-Race: Winter Elve and summer elve like a mix between them
  11. Character Name: moon
  12. Character Age: 14
  13. Tell us about your character. (Appearance, backstory, family relations, etc): I would be like 5.6 and I would have long black/blond hair I would be in a roly family and I start to unlock werd powers that no one can explain it so ever one is trying to figure out what is haping but my. Dad cheated on my mom with a summer elve and that's how im getting these powers then my whole family gets assaidated but me so when my whole family died I felt like I was next so. Watched my back for a bit and tried to stay off the radar and tired to figure out why the assinds did not take me out so I got to work I had to get money some how so I went to go be a winter farme. So I can grow winter fuits and one day the fruit started.To glow and I showed my friends and they said they cloud not see the glow so I went to a book of summer and winter elves and I found out why the fruit was glowing. It was because I had just a little bit of summer elve powers in me so that made me want to read more and more so once. I read that whole book I figured out why my family died because my .Dad cheated on the summer elves queen so that's how I found out how my family died so I went out to find my long lost mom so. I went to where the summer elves live and I found her and she told me why she had. To kill my family and it was because she hated my dad .and my fake mom for them trying to make the winter elves expand there land so I got really mad at her and ran off because she .KILLED MY FAMILY FOR THE STUPID RESON EVER! so when I turn 15 I shall become the winter elve queen so I went to Anoma for a new life and make new friends 
  14. Character Traits: im nice and sweet I hate the cold and I just want to be a summer elve but I was born as a winter elve almost everyone likes me but I have no true people I can truly trust
  15. Upon landing on Anoma, you find yourself short of food, coin, and housing. There are some signs that indicate there's an established settlement nearby, as well as some ruins off to the side of the road. With the sun setting and an empty stomach, how does your character handle this situation?: I would go to settlement and see if someone would help me so I would go up to someone shopped ask for food and water and a place to stay and I will tell them my whole sob story 
  16. Would you like to upload your skin, or provide a link?: Upload
  17. Upload Skin: 951759296_skinforlf.png.e4bd33b9d838cae295ca7c176418e582.png
  18. Link Skin:


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  • Reception Lead


Congrats reiidisbest11, you have been accepted! Welcome to Anoma. Now, you can log on and start your adventure.  Upon your arrival, you may call for a wandering traveler using /request create reception wandering traveler guidance, please! The wandering traveler may assist you in venturing through the lands or with any of your questions.  If you need any help you may message me in-game /msg TeeSeeDubs, on Discord TDubs#6260, or on the Forums, TeeSeeDubs.

Feel free to join us on our Discord [Here]. For more information on server lore, click [Here] and [Here] for settlement guides!


"Receive your compass from the Anoma Exploration Company today!"


Join up here!



Dursow Deiphaladras - Alive, albeit missing a finger. Always trying to spearhead the exploration of Anoma with the AEC.

Silent in Storm Rain - Alive, and trying her best to bring the Maksha of Anoma into the beastfolk city of Parsha.

Thetkrin Tickin Truthstorm - Alive and slinking around somewhere.

Thasraih Pheosis - Alive and probably sleeping in a pond somewhere.



Dabbing DursowDursow and Ano'kiunknown.png.ac6e89fab8db87aa7693a3dc2bcebf62.pngParsha_Peeps_Signiture.png.ef5297d3b901dfc2e88f0f16fd36c1b3.png


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