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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

Whitehall's Cooking Guild

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Whitehall’s Cooking Guild 


Upon the top of the hills of Potatil stands the tallest building, once known for housing the feat of Drachev Engineering, the Potato Pipe. However, a Gorney by the name of Stella Sweetleaf desired to purpose the building into something the entire community could enjoy. Now it is home to the Cooking Guild of Whitehall, a place where cooks and hunters alike can gather to enjoy a fine meal. 


The Purpose of the Cooking Guild

Stella Sweetleaf, with the establishment of the Cooking Guild, wanted to improve the quality of life for the Drachev of Whitehall. Not only does she want to provide Fine meals for the hard workers, but she wants to provide new and exciting food experiences for all to enjoy. Rare ingredients and delicious meals require the efforts of many, but the reward is oh so delicious! 

Records of the Cooking Guild

To look at what the current status of all the Guild Hunters and Cooks are, you can view this document within the Guild Hall by the Quest Board.

Cooking Guild Roles

For every guild, there must be jobs that need to be taken care of for it to function at its optimal speed. For the cooking guild, one may accept any and all jobs they desire but they also must be willing to do the work involved with it. The following are the roles one may take when they join the Cooking Guild: 


  • Cook: The most obvious role within the Guild, these members experiment with the new and interesting ingredients other members acquire for the guild. While it seems straight forward, there are few things demanded from the cooks of Whitehall. 
    • Everytime they cook one of their more finer dishes, they are required to donate one portion to the Cooking Guild. This meal will be distributed to which Guild needs it the most. 
    • At the end of every half-age, a cook must donate at least 5 speciality ingredients to be able to use the Guild Supplies. Whether that is 5 oranges or one starfruit, one pound of Raptauras meat, and three habanero peppers. 
      • The things that do not count are: Wheat, Carrots, Beetroots, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Melons, Sweet Berries, Beef, Pork, Mutton, Chicken, Cod, Salmon, Rabbit, Pufferfish, Tropical Fish
    • It is encouraged, but not required for every cook to record the properties of new ingredients they have cooked with. Additionally, they are encouraged to write their own recipes into cookbooks to be purchased by the Cooking Guild. 
      • The rate of value is 2 gold per recipe within the book. 
  • Hunter: While not an obvious role for the guild, Hunters are a vital part of the cooking guild. These members do not get as many perks as the Cooks, but they are not any less cherished. Their job is rather simple, to help the Cooks acquire new ingredients. 
    • Hunters complete their job by completing quests available on the Cooking Guild Quest board. Any cook who wants to add a quest must talk to the Guild Leader beforehand. Once their task is completed, they will be paid in the specific gold reward laid out to them. 
    • Hunters may only complete a quest available to their rank, based on the danger of the threat. There are three levels. 
      • Copper  - The lowest level hunter, these hunters are asked to do the least dangerous of tasks. Whether it is to capture less dangerous creatures or help a Cook gather a new plant, these quests tend to be rather laid back. 
      • Iron - These middle of the road hunters have proven their skills to the Guild and are now trusted to take on more dangerous hunting quests. This can range from capturing Raptauruses to hunting Burrow Bears. 
        • Iron Level Hunters are guaranteed a free Fine meal once every Age. 
      • Gold - These hunters have provided above and beyond for the Guild, and have proven to be the finest of Hunters able to take on almost any threat. These hunters may be asked to take on what seems to be the impossible for just an average hunter, such as a Hydra. 
        • Gold Level Hunters are guaranteed a free Fine meal once every half Age.
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