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Peace has returned to Anoma

Anoma appears to have returned to peace...on the surface.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

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1. Character Name:

Evangelos, he’s yet to earn a title. But has been referred to as ‘Ruben’ several times throughout his life.


2. Character Backstory:

Born many eras after the demonic wars where the Empyreans were first created, Evangelos wasn’t thrown into a world of battle and war from birth like his parents were. Instead his birth was greatly celebrated by the other empyreans and blessed, for not only was he born despite the Empyrean’s low birth rate, he was in fact the second born to his parents, his older brother being four centuries older then himself. Growing up he was highly cherished by his parents and his older brother who took to teaching the young Evangelos how to fight at an early age like all empyreans were, while Apollon was just as strict as their parents in his teachings he would enjoy making their training funner to encourage the embers of Evangelos’s passion for fighting to grow larger. 


And the embers soon began to burn as bright as his halo as Evangelos took a very keen liking to swordsmanship from an early age thanks to his older brother, and too like his father and Apollon grew a love for the massive weapons known as Zweihanders. Thanks to the divine qualities of an Empyrean, Evangelos was easily able to build and maintain his muscles for battle and training as swinging around a massive Zweihander all day would surely need a lot of muscle and stamina. And even from the age of thirteen began to train to withhold fear from altering his judgement and to keep a level mind even in the bloodiest of fights, Apollon often taking his younger brother out of their floating city to the lands below to help with this training, weather it be hunting large ferocious beasts or to show the boy the damage corruption can cause to the world.


During these trips from the floating cities, Evangelos met and even befriended many of the Gaians he met as even as a young boy and young man he was strikingly suave and handsome being like other Empyreans, designed to mirror a perfected human form with a number of divine qualities and traits that only seemed to boost it. After befriending many people, Evangelos was introduced to the concept of pottery by an old master potter and sculptor from Gravicius and quickly took a liking to the art. Whenever he and his brother took trips from their home he was always ecstatic to learn more from the old man about pottery, often staying for what felt like days while in reality was more like several months to a year or two while his brother went back, and quickly his passion for creating fine pieces of pottery grew like it did for battle and became an apprentice under the aging master who was more then happy to have Evangelos learn, seeing natural talent that could be nourished in the boy. And his parents and older brother were all too happy to allow this as they themselves took up fine arts during the time of peace and encouraged Evangelos with his, happily obliging to be models for him to paint onto the pottery he created. 


This was a passion that Evangelos has brought with him for five centuries even long after his old mentor passed he continued to pursue the craft to his utmost, even taking up other hobbies during his life such as painting on canvas and creating jewellery from beautiful metals and gems, each of them taking him a century to master and all the while he travelled Gaia on his hunt for corruption and blooded, sniffing it out and purging it from wherever it hid and squallered with the help of his mighty Zweihander and centuries of training, but in this time he came up against blooded and demonkin which were more than a match for him which left his flawless skin with many scars carved into it but the most notable of these scars was the one carved into his face and over his nose after a particularly challenging fight against a demonkin that had forcefully took a barony in Armusia. 


3. Character’s Purpose:

Evangelos carries the same purpose as the other demi-celestials, to purify Gaia and keep all those who inhabit it safe from corruption and blooded. Along with this, Evangelos wishes to continue perusing the fine arts he has taken up, looking for more inspiration for his pottery, jewellery and paintings- yet having heard tales about the mysterious history of Anoma drew the Empyrean, wishing to learn more of what it had to hold while purging it of corruption.


4. Write a small scenario for how your character reacts to one of the following circumstances, and what ensues: 

4a. It is night, and you're leaving a tavern by the docks. A man bumps into you, and you feel his hand at your pocket.


Evangelos would feel the man’s hand reach into his pocket and take out a pouch of coins he carried with him, turning his head to see the man Evangelos assumed that he was homeless and perhaps starving from his sickly gaunt appearance and ragged clothes. Frowning at the site of a Gaian in greave misfortune he merely let the man take off with his gold as, afterall it meant quite little to the Empyrean weather he was wealthy or not, and if his gold was going to help a starving man then let it do good to the world then if he were to stop the man and enforce a law. But deciding to call out to the man just once as he walked away “Please do try to be more polite in the future, I would have given you the coin had you asked, and i’m sure others would be happy to help a man with manners.” Is all Evangelos said,before adjusting the Zweihander on his shoulder and turning back to face his path he continued walking off into the darkness, the glow of his halo extending out to where he moved and lit his path to his next encounter.


5. Character’s Primary Axis of Morality:

Being a Demi-Celestial, Evangelos knows of the laws and seven sacred tenants that he is obliged to follow as it is what the Conclave put upon him. Evangelos’s Axis of Morality is based on these laws and tenants and as such one of the most important things to him is purging blooded and corruption from the face of Gaia wherever it may fester and squalor. 


6. Is your character a good person? Please explain:

Evangelos does all he can with the gifts given to him by his celestial creators to make Gaia safe from corruption and demons, keeping Gaians safe whenever he can without breaking his tenants and stamping out the embers of corruption clawing at the land and people on it. If somebody is in need, wishes for help against any blooded or corruption, and desires to help in the fight against such then Evangelos will be pleasant and friendly, extending his help and his Zweihander to their services.


Player App

1. Why do you want to play an application race?

I want to make and play Evangelos because of well, the mixed things i’ve heard about the Empyreans in my time on the server, I have heard some good and bad things about them and their player base and it peaked my curiosity enough to apply for one and try it for myself, as I think it would make for some good roleplay. And if I can, help change the negative notion of the Demi celestials people have on the server and turn it into a more positive one hopefully.


2. How long, and through what mediums have you been roleplaying?

I’ve been roleplaying for a good couple years now, at first it was mainly through text-based mediums and such but around a year ago I joined my first mineman rp server, and have been doing that since. Also I started playing D&D around a year or two ago and have been in a few campaigns. Druid Barbarian is stronk.


3. Summarize the lore of the specific species you are applying for. This answer is very important, tied only with character question number four. Answer with care. 

Empyreans are by far the most common of the demi-celestials that are on Gaia as they were far less magic intensive then the Drakofrys which made them perfect for foot soldiers and legionnaires, however despite how easy they are to make the Empyreans have a very low birth rate. Being created as a group to help in the war against demonic beings to save gaians from extinction. Created in the imagine of the Gravicans because of their strength, their tactics and their bravery in battle. And so this is where the Empyreans got their appearance from, however with changes of course, each being considered perfect and beautiful with divine qualities and traits. With skin varying from ivory to olive, hair that varies between snow white and shining gold and eyes that can range from golden or yellow to light red and white, as well as the growth of horns from their head, a sign of their draconic heritage. These features are what separates their appearance from those they were based from. 


However physical traits aren’t the only thing that the celestials gave to the Empyreans, each empyrean possesses a variety of divine abilities the likes no Gaian could wish to achieve. Including giantblooded-like strength where an Empyrean does not struggle lifting something, either they can or they cannot. A supernatural immunity to fear, to the point a trained soldier simply won’t feel fear. A light that shines from their halos which is considered sunlight, causing a pins and needles sensation to any demonic being’s exposed flesh and causing damage like normal to Voudr within it. A final ‘Hah fuck you’ to any being who manages to actually slay an Empyrean where their bodies will convert to a brilliant searing flash of sunlight which can blind anyone within 20 blocks, causing instant first degree burns to exposed skin and cause flash fires to dry, flammable materials, if any demonic beings were within 5 blocks of the explosions they would be mortally wounded if the chest or head are exposed otherwise suffering third-degree burns to exposed flesh, and any 10 blocks away would suffer second-degree burns to exposed flesh. An alien physiology which prevents Empyreans from catching diseases and sicknesses aside from magical or special diseases, as well as an Empyrean cannot be blinded by bright lights or get sunburns giving them an immunity to the ‘Against the Dying of the Light’ ability of their comrades. And last but not least, an Emyric purification where it’s less a racial ability and more an ability they have to perform, where through a ritualistic prayer to Belador are able to burn corruption out of non-blooded, able to purify non-sentient life or non-living matter within a 5x5 area or a single item.



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