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Peace has returned to Anoma

Anoma appears to have returned to peace...on the surface.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

Steelwood - Heat Treated Ironwood

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This page serves as a more in-depth explanation of how to obtain Steelwood and its properties.


Artwork by Unknown


Rarity: Uncommon

Primary Use: Armor, Weapons,

Region: Not Grown.


Widely used by the Druii and Ue Il’ha of the old world, Steelwood is the result of a heat treating technique on Ironwood and is used in exclusively weapons requring a blade. It carries almost the exact same qualities of its raw form making it incredibly strong, easily withstanding blows that would dent or splinter other hardwoods. However, Steelwood catches on fire easier and rots like regular wood, in exchange it can hold an edge similar to steel. Druii and Spring Elf culture value the material for its use in their equipment that will not be near fire.

Creating raw Steelwood is foolish as once it becomes Steelwood it cannot be cut with standard woodworking tools. Thus, items are created in Ironwood then flame hardened into their Steelwood form. The technique is a simple but long process. It requires setting fire to about 3 logs of Ironwood a possibility but an annoyance due to its resistance and having them act as a fuel in a oven where a Ironwood item that is to be Steelwood is “smoked” and “toasted”. That is to say the item is carefully moved around the oven and turned so that every part of it becomes black wood with a fine, swirling grain. This process takes about 6 hours of toasting on low heat carefully going back to the oven for adjustments. The Steelwood item is then removed and brought to a grindstone where it can be sharpened. Steelwood holds its shape once set, only chipping or cracking after prolonged use, misuse, or faulty craftsmanship.


Steelwood is unable to be worked save for sharpening a blade after creation. Attempts to further be bent or twisted into various shapes or forms have resulted in carpentry tools or the wood breaking.

General Use

Steelwood is very commonly used in weapons, armor and tools, practically any long-lasting items made by Gaians that will not come in contact with fire. While Steelwood shields and armor are known to exist the threat of fire damage makes them lesser than their simple Ironwood counterparts.


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