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Peace has returned to Anoma

Anoma appears to have returned to peace...on the surface.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

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Roleplay Name:
Dursow Deiphaladras

What Magic Will You Be Learning?:
Enigma Magic - Elemental Magic

Please Provide A Description Of The Magic And How It Works:
Elemental Magic allows one to harness Essence of Fire, Essence of Wind, Essence of Water, and Essence of Earth to perform spells retaining to that element.  Though not an Essence itself, lightning-based spells are available at later stages.

Do You Agree To Follow All Rules and Regulations For This Magic?:
I do indeed.

How Will Your Character Learn This Magic?:
Self-taught. Name was put onto the Pillar of Forces via a Crow event a bit ago.

Which Lore Team Member Vouches For You?:

"Receive your compass from the Anoma Exploration Company today!"


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Dursow Deiphaladras - Alive, albeit missing a finger. Always trying to spearhead the exploration of Anoma with the AEC.

Silent in Storm Rain - Alive, and trying her best to bring the Maksha of Anoma into the beastfolk city of Parsha.

Thetkrin Tickin Truthstorm - Alive and slinking around somewhere.

Thasraih Pheosis - Alive and probably sleeping in a pond somewhere.



Dabbing DursowDursow and Ano'kiunknown.png.ac6e89fab8db87aa7693a3dc2bcebf62.pngParsha_Peeps_Signiture.png.ef5297d3b901dfc2e88f0f16fd36c1b3.png


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