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Peace has returned to Anoma

Anoma appears to have returned to peace...on the surface.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

What will end the land of Talidur? 

The Void?
The Titans?

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    The mortals of gaia and their beastly neighbors have coexisted on the planet for centuries upon centuries in a delicate balance. Though evolutionary different, man and beast have more than often looked to each other in understanding and recognition, learning from each other's behavior to better act against them. From ancient monks mimicking the precise strikes of a viper, to mocking birds learning to mimic our speech to fool and trick us. Quite often this is the result of years of evolution, spending generations observing to better act.


    Jerald Albedo is one such example of a man. Obsessed with the creatures around him to say the least. He was more animal than man, always mimicking what was around him, from pretending to be a frog in his early days, to prowling dark streets like a cat stalking its prey. He was a genius however, a man beyond his wit, hypothesizing that perhaps all upon Gaia descended from a single entity, and it was his goal to understand this theory. He captured all manner of creatures and performed hideous experiments in his private time, all to better grasp the fundamentals of nature.


    “To sate his desire, he shed his humanity”


    His goal soon spread to others, and before long he constructed an order of like-minded men who wanted to better themselves by learning from the life of Gaia. The name given was the Order of Ascended. All men who strove to ascend the mortal coil and adapt. More a cult in nature, genius gathered to find the secret to surpassing the weak husks that they were. Each experiment ended in failure after failure, until finally, they found their answer. Jerald took flesh from the creatures and performed a manner of ritual then feasted upon it like a beast, and his men looked on with awe as Jerald’s fingers stretched into bear-like claws. Finally, their answer.


“They sunk their teeth into more and more until they were more beast than human”


Creature after creature, tortured then feasted on like mere road-kill to buzzards. Jerald grew all manner of grotesque evolutions, an owl’s face, a racoon’s tail, a bear’s claws, the legs of a horse. In a horrifying sort of way, he gave off a noble aura, no longer human, but something else, something, ascended. And more of his men began to follow suit in the beastly experiment, however some looked on with horror at what their order had become, and what they had done. Some broke off from the Order of Ascended and fled far across the world, bringing with them the knowledge they had learned. These renegades cursed their old master, and began to search for a new way to evolve, one that would not be found through the massacre of Gaia’s beings.


“Lost together, they found their light”


The nomads scoured the lands of Gaia fruitlessly, till finally an answer came to them. A wellspring of essence in a vast desert. The nomads took refuge in this oasis and during the night the moon was full, beaming down at them. The leader of the nomads, a girl named Leora, dreamt of instructions and awoke with a sudden scream from the camp. She saw a large wolf tearing through the camp, and she knew what she had to do. She called to the wolf, yelling loudly to grab its attention, and as it began to approach she readied herself, feeling the essence of the wellspring tingling at her fingertips.


“She ripped open her soul, and felt the essence surge forth into her veins”


The wolf let out a howl and leaped at her, slashing her across the stomach before pouncing away to inspect its treasure, however in that instant Leora flung forth with inhuman speed, slashing claws across the surprised creature, which quickly ran off after being matched. Leora collapsed afterwards, only remembering the light of the moon upon her face.


When she recovered, Leora relayed what she had learned to her fellow nomads, the gift of knowledge that had been imparted onto her. To learn from Gaia’s creatures, they had to study them closely, watching their every move. Leora, renewed with confidence, would soon after construct the Order of Animists, to rival that of her old masters and colleagues. No longer was their goal to ascend humanity for something greater, The new order had a simpler goal in mind, to protect themselves and to always strive to learn from Gaia’s inhabitants, a significant change of goal, however it is one the Order has stuck with to this day, even after so many generations since Leora has passed.


Though what's to say of their rivals in the Order of Ascended? We simply do not know at this time, with such a secretive organization, who’s to know if they exist to this day or not, either way let's hope they never see the light of day again.



An artist depiction of typical wear within the Order of Animists

The Art of Animism

What is Animism? Well for starters it is a magic of learning from the beings around you and striking back. A magic of observation, each Animist is gifted with the art of watching their enemy and replicating everything about them through the use of essence. A gifted Animist can will portions of their body into new shapes by manipulating the essence they’ve gathered through the Animam Absorbet within their body, allowing them to survive battles or inflict devastating attacks. Animists are able to observe a being swing an attack then throw it right back at them.

How exactly the process of Animism happens is through the use of essence. Neutral Essence flows through the body of a Animist like a nervous system, when an animist manipulates that nervous system they are able to morph their body temporarily into new shapes, this could be as simple as changing the structure of their fingers or changing the skin that coats their body into a new material coating provided they’ve encountered creatures with these traits previously.

To become an Animist, a teacher must draft up a ritual with a student. This requires them to retreat into a place free of distractions and draw out a circle of chalk on the ground, preferably close to a layline. The teacher must then have the student lay down with their back against the center of the circle with their arms and legs outstretched and eyes opened for the duration. The teacher must then begin the long, arduous process of channeling the essence from the natural layline into the student and slowly form it into the student’s nervous system, taking extra care to carefully craft the system within the student's eyes to allow them to properly begin observation. This process is incredibly dangerous and requires complete and utter concentration on part of the teacher, as one small distraction could cause the teacher to bring irreparable harm to the student. However if the teacher is able to complete the ritual without injury, the student may find themselves queasy as well as find things brighter and hard to see at first, these effects generally pass as the student becomes more acquainted with their new abilities.

The Four Ranks

To judge the progression of an Animist Truthseeker, four Ranks are given in accordance with the base magic rules. Basic, Adept, Expert, and Master spellcasters. A Truthseeker must abide by their Rank for a minimum of Two Months, allowing them to become a Master Truthseeker at six. Each Rank grants the Spellcaster access to more slots for copied combative techniques and traits.

Basic Spellcaster | 0 Months | 10 Essense At Maximum | 2 Combat slots | 0 Trait slots | May only learn attacks from mundane beasts

Adept Spellcaster | 2 Months | 15 Essense At Maximum |  2 Combat slots | 2 Trait slots | May learn attacks from fauna and humanoid entities, may also now begin to copy traits of those in combat.

Expert Spellcaster | 4 Months | 20 Essense At Maximum |  4  Combat slots | 2 Trait slots |  May now learn abilities from Supernaturals and ritual beasts 

Master Spellcaster | 6 Months | 25 Essense At Maximum | 4 Combat slots | 4 Trait slots |



Unlike traditional spellcasters, Animists do not have spells, instead they have a catalog of techniques and traits they have acquired from creatures fought out in the fields of Gaia. After getting into combat with a creature and observing an attack from it, the Animist may choose to replicate the attack as a technique or one of the creature’s active or passive traits. How much essence the technique or trait costs depends on the technique or trait in question, however it will usually involve one of the following.

What is the duration of the alteration? Generally combative techniques last for one standard action while traits last for two, however there’s always exceptions, did the creature’s attack require a buildup? Then replicating it will follow suit, using the round action of the caster for however many rounds is required. In the case of passive traits, they last for 3 emotes before needing to be recast.

How is it being concentrated? Transmuting the body will amount to a cost of essence depending on the change, how much is having to be accomplished to replicate the attack? A ligament alteration costs 2 essence while a full-body one requires 5.

Is it a physical or ranged attack? Physical attacks generally don’t add a cost, however ranged bumps the cost to 2, with an additional cost for every 5 blocks up to a maximum of 15.

How potent is the ability? Does it inflict a poison or some other kind of debuff, both of which add a cost of 4 essence and follow the base duration of the original attack. In the case of poisons, the Animist is immune while replicating it.

Is it an aoe? If so the cost depends on the radius

    A small radius (3 by 3 blocks) has a cost of 2 essence

    A medium radius (6 by 6 blocks) has a cost of 4 essence

    A large radius (9 by 9 blocks) has a cost of 6 essence

Any number of these will increase the essence cost required to use the ability. For instance,

A wolf claw attack would cost 2 essence to use because it’s

Transmuting fingernails into sharp wolf-like claws (A small area of change), it is a physical attack.

These are generally the guidelines that are referenced when documenting the essence cost of attacks or traits, however at the end of the day it is down to the LT’s discretion on how much the attack or trait costs.

The effective range of observation is 15 blocks

Copying a trait requires the caster to see the trait in use. A wolf's nightvision wouldn’t be able to be copied however a troll’s regeneration would.

All traits and techniques include a negative trait at the bottom of their respective certificates. These negative traits begin to affect the Animist when they have used 10 and 20 essence within 24 IRL hours. These are divided into lesser and greater negative traits. Lesser negative traits do not affect combat and are purely flavour, meanwhile Greater negative traits include something that affects the animist during combat, like introducing a new weakness to the Animist.

The Costs of Essence Alteration

The gift of Animism is one that alters the very being of the caster, it is a magic of geniuses, However, performing the magic of Animism is incredibly taxing upon the body and mind of the caster as pulling from a beast will begin to influence them in more ways than one. Generally this is along the lines of the body refusing to operate normally and the mental capabilities of the Animist wanting to return to a primal-like state.

Upon expending 5 essence within 24 IRL hours, the animist will begin to exhibit the negative traits of the creatures they are copying. An animist for example utilizing something they acquired from a wolf may find that they are more easily agitated.

Upon expending 10 essence within 24 IRL hours, the animist will again begin to exhibit even more negative traits of the creatures they are copying. 

Upon expending 15 essence within 24 IRL hours, the animist again gains more devastating traits of the creatures they are copying, now gaining a major weakness. An animist for example using a troll’s regeneration may find that they now take extra damage from fire.

These effects clear up after 24 IRL hours have eclipsed.

Example Techniques









Wolf Claws





The Animist manipulates the essence within their fingers and forces them to morph into sharp wolf-like claws.


It takes one emote to connect the essence and another to morph.


These claws last for a single attack


They are as effective as normal claws of a wolf


















The Animist manipulates the essence within their arms and causes the skin to sprout scale plating across them.


It takes one emote to connect the essence and another to morph.


These scales last for three emotes


These scales resist flame however blunt attacks will shatter them


















The Animist manipulates the essence within their entire body and forces it to begin to regenerate non-fatal wounds.


It takes one emote to connect the essence and another to morph.


This regeneration lasts for 3 emotes


Minor wounds will heal throughout the duration while moderate ones will heal after three rounds.










Bear Strength





The Animist manipulates the essence within their body and forces their muscles to become as strong as that of a bear.


It takes one emote to connect the essence and another to morph.


This alteration lasts for 3 emotes


This strength is equal to 2x human strength




What counts as a technique or trait is up to ET/LT discretion. A wolf clawing at you is considered an attack, while wagging its tail is not. Furthermore, you can only gain an attack that has ACTIVELY been used in your vicinity and a trait that the creature is actively using during combat. 

Creatures of Wondrous and Above rarity may not have techniques or traits taken from them unless with EXPRESS APPROVAL by a senior LT/ET. 

When one legitimately gains a technique or trait from a creature, you will gain a certificate claiming you have obtained the knowledge in character. You may only hold a limited number of these certificates as stated by your Animist rank. If you would like to learn more it will require sacrificing one of your current certificates. If you are found to have gone around the system (either by duping the certificate, or through some other means) your MA will be revoked. 

To gain an technique | trait from a creature/player, you must be verified by logs/screenshots approved by LT/ET. Unless used within the combat encounter.


An example of a certificate. Certificates need to be clear about what exactly is being copied, as well as include concise redlines.


You may not copy a flying trait or technique. 

You may not copy any trait that would give you x3 strength or above.


You may not copy a mental trait (Ie a demi-celestial fear resistance or a caribard's truth north ability)

You may only copy traits and techniques from creatures found on the Creature subsection of the wiki.

You may not gain technique or traits that are magical in nature. These are too complex to be copied. What constitutes as magical is up to LT discretion. A shot of water from an elemental? Magical. A drakofrys’s breath attack? Non-magical.

You must witness the entirety of an attack or trait in order to copy it, as such, any attack or trait that temporarily blinds the animist or vanishes from the Animist's sight is unable to be copied. 

The cooldown for gaining a new technique or trait is a week, as well, it costs 5 essence to copy.

You can not restore lost limbs with the magic unless you have specific traits that allow for such. Example: You lost your right hand then cast wolf claw and temporarily grow a wolf claw to complete the technique, afterwards the claw turns back into a fleshy stump.

An animist may not wear medium or heavy armor as wearing anything above light armor will obstruct the animist from properly performing their magic.

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Claimed by LT, please feel free to message me / expect a message from me to go over the lore before being submitted to the lore team in whole.


My discord is: Severus__Snape#0001

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Unfortunately your lore didn't meet the progression we're headed in Lost Fables. Your idea still had premise and will be contacted if we decide to help move it towards another magic. Sorry for any inconvenience this might've caused.


If you have further questions, please refer to Mystery#1104 on discord.

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