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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

✿ HELP WANTED - Farming Festival Stalls ✿

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[!] Rather small notes would be left on random nook and crannies amongst the walls of Whitehall and Potatil:


I, Stella Sweetleaf, want to help hold a festival for food and games for all of Anoma. After all, when we have a giant world-ending tentacle someone has to cheer up those who may be in despair! However, as much as I would like to do it all by myself, I'm just one Gorney! 

My idea is that we could have different stalls that could be visited, that ended right at the tavern itself! Then people could drink and gamble once they've made it through all the stalls! I hope that Mister Belegar can run the tavern. It is okay if not all of the stalls are filled, we can rotate them out for our next Farming Festival! Plus I can find ways to incorporate a break system if desired if one wants to still attend the stalls portion of the festival. Could have multiple people per stall as well! It is all so exciting!

Some stall ideas I've had are:

  • Peel the Potato - Visitors pay 1 gold pieces, and they are then given 2 minutes to peel as many potatoes as possible. Depending on how many potatoes they can peel, they can get one of three potato pins! as well as all the potatoes they peeled! 
  • Find the Golden Carrot - Visitors pay 3 gold pieces to be allowed to be given 1 minute to try and find the golden carrot within a large container of dirt. They player is able to take home all carrots that they find, including the golden carrot if they're able! 
  • Loafing Around - Visitors can buy an assortment of bundles of bread loaves, including beetroot bread and pumpkin bread! Feel free to bring your own bread as well. 

Feel free to create your own stall ideas as well! All responses should be placed in my mailbox in Potatil, under the beetroots!"


OOC: The Festival itself starts at 4:00 PM EST on Friday, so I'd hope you could come a bit earlier to be at your stall!

Down below are the mechanics for some of the premade stalls I'd need help with! Each one comes with a bit of dialogue you'll have to give to the players as well as they finish their rolls so be warned! If you need prompts I'll happily write them up. Additionally, if you are signing up, just say so with an rp post below this forum post saying you placed a letter in my mailbox! 

  • Peel the Potato
    • The player will get to roll 4 1d5s and the rolls are then combined, showing the total amount of potatoes peeled. You then give them that many baked potatoes and a prize. The following prize tiers are:
      • 1-5: Small Copper Potato Pin
      • 5-15: Small Iron Potato Pin
      • 15-20: Small Gold Potato Pin
  • Find the Golden Carrot
    • The player will get to roll 2 d10s which are then combined. Each amount of carrots correlate to a score. The following prize tiers are: 
      • 1-19: # of Carrots
      • 20: A Single Golden Carrot
  • Loafing Around
    • Just a simple shop stall, and if you have a better 'wheat' themed food product you'd like to sell that could work too! 


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Lily Hopfoot bounds her way around her house looking for paper and a charcoal pencil to write with. Once she does she writes ''I'm in to peel potatoes! -Lily'' and runs off to stuff it into Stella's mailbox!


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