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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

Lost Fables - Owner Update

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Lost Fables - Owner Update






It is with deep regret that we must say farewell to Lugh as our Lore Team lead. While he helped shape the very nature of our lore and our world, a team lead position requires activity and presence that he simply is not able to provide at this time in his life. He will likely still pop on from time-to-time to say hi, but for the short term will act as a normal player. As such, we’ve elected to move forward, as we will continue to in regards to Lost Fables. Always taking the next step, always striving for further improvement. Thank you for your hard work, Lugh! We hope that you may find time in your day-to-day to return to Lost Fables at a later date.


Lore And Event Direction


For the foreseeable future, I will be taking hold of the Lore Team head position. Being probably the most well versed in the server’s lore and generally having the deepest understanding of the direction which is supposed to be taken with a plethora of topics. The decision to go down this route was sponsored by that of the other Team Leads. Of course, it is not an easy position to currently be looking over the Event Team, Reception Team, and now also the Lore Team, however the seniors of each team have helped make that intense burden much easier on myself. Shoutout to @TeeSeeDubs @blackhand7 @EveryETBesidesDimitri


With this being said, down below in the encroaching topics is going to be very basically touching upon the biggest issues and most pressing problems which have plagued our server for a while now. I know that not seeing some topics on this list may be disconcerting, however keep in mind that just because the LT itself may not be focusing on something doesn’t mean that the many different players may not come out and help themselves.


Professions, Plugins, Alchemy, Etc


While many delays have been incurred due to various issues that have arisen, we are well on our way to having a devoted proper professions plugin. There are a few prerequisites that need to be hammered out, but slow and steady wins the race. As before, we will keep working forward, including in this regard.


First and foremost the final steps of Infractal are to be completed. Infractal is the database in which we store infractions, accounts, and link every system together through. It’s been Korvic’s primary focus while on the Mod Team to ensure future consistency for infractions, and prime for future projects by minimizing the distractions that have plagued his time thus far.


One of such projects being PersonasV2. This is a revamp of our personas system to integrate several third-party hooks to allow things such as the auction house to function online and offline, as well as adding new quality of life features. One such feature is the ability to swap to personas that were last used by another MC account. Previously we kept things tied to MC accounts, but each day it’s become more and more clear that the path is centralized Lost Fables accounts with Personas working separately from that.


From PersonasV2 we will have primed ourselves for Professions, which has had many, many, plans made for it already. Alchemy is, unfortunately, on the latter end of the Professions list. First will start with Farming, Cooking, and Mining to replace our node system and integrate our energy system instead. This is not meant to be a Professions post, however, and we will leave it at that regarding the stance on automation of crafting, and more specifically, alchemy.


The Lore Of Our Wiki


Some people throughout the existence of our server have noticed lots of lines or stories on our wiki (or storylines in our events) which have been made so entirely niche or unplanned for that there is basically n0 pre-existing or delved upon lore for such. As such, down below is very ROUGHLY a few common misconceptions which we are looking to get rid of. If you need any clarifications on any of the above, then feel free to message me directly at Mystery#1104. Our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause, however to keep our story consistent we must make a few tweaks to then build up properly going forward.


Void List

  • Kalterman is not a race. They are demoted to being a culture.

  • Aggromaraphar’s current history lore has been removed. Refer to Fel-Slinging lore for Aggromaraphar’s actual story.

  • Any Nachzehrer which claims to have knowledge about the Voudr bloodlines which aren't the Vdellas or Kyrcs is metagaming.

  • Half-Empyreans do not exist. Empyreans cannot breed with regular Gaians.

  • Kindred Demon’s purpose and Zraeste. They are being reworked to not be written as succubi-lite.

  • ANY event involving Talidurians which was not done by a concurrent member of the Event Team or Lugh__ has incorrect/inaccurate information. If you need clarifications on this, message me directly.

  • There are not 6 Celestial Princes. This has already been clarified to MOST Demi-Celestial Players already, but the 6 Princes are getting condensed down to 3 Princes and 3 important regular Celestials.

  • All information involving Sea Glass or Merfolk is revoked.

  • ANY character’s knowledge of Gedith has been revoked.



Deific Lore and ‘Prayer’ Events


This section is going to be short and brief and the last bit of ‘disappointing news’ before we get into all the hype happenings. A lot of people have been wanting to work and continue their ‘Prayer Offerings’ to their gods. Now, while offerings and sacrifices to deific entities is something we want to allow for in the future… we do not want it to be ANYWHERE NEAR as prevalent as it was made during the beginning of our server.


The main point is that when a God appears it should hold a sense of value, and ‘blessed artifacts’ should have an appropriate rarity applied to them via proper (either event or RP) means. As such, even when deific lore IS fully reworked, ‘Prayer Events’ are not going to be so openly sponsored or allowed at present.


Certainly, massive RP feats and accomplishments will still allow possible deific interaction or even projection, but we want to stray away from the idea of ‘I offer a bunch of random stuff into a box to try and get a super weapon’. We appreciate your understanding regarding this decision. Going forward the goal is that when greater divine intervention within storylines occur, it will have a deeper meaning and satisfaction for those involved.





Now, this section is probably the most hyped up of all the following topics, because, well, there’s no other way to put it. The magic system is here boys: https://www.lostfables.net/topic/1313-lost-fables-magic-system/


To quickly clarify upon a few notes which are able to be seen. As of right now NO MAGICS are releasing alongside this post. There are multiple magic concepts and ideas which are currently in the works for players to get into with the encroaching time. If you look at ‘The Magic List’ section, you may even see a list of magics which have not even been hinted towards. These themselves are magics that the LT and trusted parties are going to be implementing themselves. If there is a DIFFERENT magic one wants to write, then they could feel free to reach out to myself for writing up a player submission. However magic lore is looked under EXTREME scrutiny.


That all being said, there IS a generalized date list for magics coming out in an even distribution throughout our beta time. We're looking to unleash a NEW MAGIC every 7 days for the next 5 weeks. This'll be an annoucement which comes out every MONDAY. So for reference-

2/15/2021 - Magic System Releases
2/22/2021 - Elemental Magic Releases
3/1/2021 - Witches Release
3/8/2021 - ?????
3/15/2021 - ?????


Generally, after the magics which are listed on the Magic doc, the next magics we’d probably consider the most are as follows:

  • An Enigma Magic for the Pillar of Primal Energy

  • The other 3 Mortal Arts

  • A form of Druidism (most likely either Essence or Enigma based)

  • A form of Necromancy (same as above)


Other Lore Projects


Without getting into a HUGE post, categorized below is going to be the main primary objective of the LT moving forward. If you see something which is not listed below which you believe is an AVID priority, then please message me directly and we can talk about it. However down below it is:


Stage 1

These are issues that the LT are going to be looking to have a hard deadline to within the NEXT 30 days.


  • Deific Lore (The 7 Mortal Gods)

  • Rune Smithing + Enchanting

  • Reworking Elf Sparks

  • Halfbreed System

  • Continent Lore (Gildaran, Dahu, Rehkara)

  • Beastfolk Rework

  • Empyrean Tenants + Daemonic Corruption Lore


Stage 2

Objectives after that of Stage 1, projects which are looking to release between 2 to 3 months from this point assuming that all may go well.


  • Planar Lore (All Planes)

  • Extra Planar Greater Entity Lore

  • The Human Culture Vs Race Rework

  • Relics And Artifacts

  • Important Figures Lore


Stage 3

Projects which the LT and ET are LOOKING to complete at a much further date, however there is little to 0 preparation for them at the current time.


  • Near-Fey CA Lore

  • Darastrii CA Lore

  • Bard/Shaman/Prophet Magic Lore

  • Any of the Magics listed at the bottom of the ‘Magic’ section on this post

  • Proper Voudr Lore

  • Regional Lore + Old Event Wiki Updates

  • Alchemy Rework

  • Wiki Reformatting


The New Map?


As most are well aware there is a final map in the works at present that is meant to represent the final version of Anoma. As this map is meant to be the final version of Anoma for the vast foreseeable future, it will be used to mark our venture into the full release of Lost Fables once we depart from the Beta that we are currently in. We appreciate your patience during this time as a whole, and will continue to work and strive to make a server we can all be proud of!


How Can I Help?


Well that’s not really an easy topic to answer. Right now all that can really be done is a lot of work. Me, Korvic, and Golem have a high standard of what we want to qualify as our ‘Final Release’. There’s a very avid and lovely community here that we want to impress moving forward, and the best way that can happen is from your support throughout these times. With the coming of PV2 we expect that this summer will be a much cleaner and invigorating time for RPers- more so than even our last summer. It’s almost crazy to believe that the very CONCEPT of Lost Fables was made just a year ago, and the beautiful communities and stories which have been told throughout that time have been truly astounding. I know there’s been lots of rough patches, but sincerely from the bottom of my heart on behalf of the entire Team Lead group, I wanna say thank you.


That being said if you aren’t sappy here’s the best way that you can support us. Spread word of the server, actively spend time on the server, join a staff team, invite your friends, and if there’s something you’re waiting on, stay tuned! There’s so much planned and prepared that, honestly, this server may just feel unrecognizable from what it was by the end of 2021. I can’t wait to see you all there as well.

- Mystery





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