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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

Troll's Head Tavern: Gold Night

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Across Anoma, from the creepy manor to the dwarven depths and up along the city spotted northern coast, posters are strung up written in neat Common handwriting. It is on these pages that a Phase of celebration and gambling is advertised!


To all those who call Anoma home and have a free spirit that seeks ale, laughter, and glory! I am Dursow Deiphaladras, head bartender of the Troll's Head Tavern and Pathfinder of the Anoma Exploration Company.

It has long been my goal since arriving on the dangerous yet scenic shores to pass through the stone impenetrable gate that is the Gate of Talidur. From my fledging adventuring days in the South Coast Altar to entering the toxin filled Stronghold and claiming the last previously thought unattainable key from the vortex's chaotic grasp, it has always been on my mind. Even when my adventuring lead to my neglecting of my sister and in turn her passing it was thought of what lied north on this ancient continent that spurred me forth and kept me going.  Near the start of the 3rd Age of the 5th Era in Autumn during the Epoch of Sail within the 6th of Craven Grysei, the great dwarves of Whitehall threw open the Gate and lead the first steps into the tunnel north, my goal now achieved. Though of course, fate is a cruel mistress that loves to toy with all creation. Another stone gate lays in our path and with this one, no real clues as to how to continue our exploration north.

Despite this saddening dead end, I would like us all to look back at this moment with pride. The opening of the Gate shows what can be achieved through working to a common goal, and to think this is the result while some of us fought amongst each other should bring some ideas to mind. Ideas of what the people of Anoma can do if we actively work together to hit a target we have placed for ourselves. In celebration of this I announce the "Grand Re-Re-Opening" of the Troll's Head Tavern and with it, a party to celebrate the Gate of Talidur being open, a party to celebrate our survival on this strange land. The tavern shall be filled with ale, pit fights, and gambling (for those who whish to try their luck)! Some information on the Crow will be released.

A pit fighting tournament will be held with a grand prize of 175 gold pieces, please send in a letter before the Phase to participate.

With all this also comes the creation of a new floor at the tavern...

Hall of Adventurers


On this floor the deeds of pass heroes and adventurers shall be written in book with a portrait that hangs above them. It is my understanding that some Gaians strive for immortality through higher powers and amber enchantments. Though the only true way to achieve it is to be solidified in book and pen, remembered in the hearts of kin and all. The only way to find your place here is to be a symbol of the adventuring, exploration and/or heroic lifestyle that I adore. Free and bowing to no king, but friend.

If you love food that makes you smile like the sun does on a desert or drinks that make you tingly and feel light on your feet or even if your only love is the sound of gold coins, then come down the road to the Troll's Head Tavern where the head of a fearsome beast hangs by our menu. Step inside on:

5th of Craven Grysei, 1st Age of the 6th Era, The Epoch of Sail

[OOC: January 30th, 2021 @ 1PM EST ]

Walk true friends!


Deathrolling, Pit Fights to bet on, Snail Racing, Possible Bear fight, (maybe some Red Dragon Inn for peeps with Tabletop) and Crow information! Other games maybe added so be sure to stay posted by joining the DISCORD.

All in all this about the biggest thing I have tried to so bear with me. If you want to participate in the tourney please do THIS form by FRIDAY.The fights will be done through PVP (meaning mechanical clicking).


"Receive your compass from the Anoma Exploration Company today!"


Join up here!



Dursow Deiphaladras - Alive, albeit missing a finger. Always trying to spearhead the exploration of Anoma with the AEC.

Silent in Storm Rain - Alive, and trying her best to bring the Maksha of Anoma into the beastfolk city of Parsha.

Thetkrin Tickin Truthstorm - Alive and slinking around somewhere.

Thasraih Pheosis - Alive and probably sleeping in a pond somewhere.



Dabbing DursowDursow and Ano'kiunknown.png.ac6e89fab8db87aa7693a3dc2bcebf62.pngParsha_Peeps_Signiture.png.ef5297d3b901dfc2e88f0f16fd36c1b3.png


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  • TeeSeeDubs changed the title to Troll's Head Tavern: Gold Night

 [!] The half-elf stops in his tracks on his morning walk, eyes flickering to the poster that hung upon the notice board. He tilted his head, ears flicking ever so delicately as he pulls the paper down from the board, giving it a cursory glance before a bemused smirk enters his expression. The half-elf then chuckles, pinning the paper back up “Snail racing, you actually took my suggestion dear full-brother.” he mused before going about his way again.

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A certain winter-elf looks over the paper, having news of this reached him on his journeys he seems to smirk All to willing to prove himself and his winter-kin, as well as that of the children of autumn, he spreads word to them.  "And there they were, the children of winter stood victorious over the Empyrean threat to the Tundra." he recalls a poem from his childhood as he pitches the idea to his comrades. Planning foolheartedly to show up to the pit fight.

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As Grombrindal checks the noticeboard in Whitehall he notices the poster. As he reads it he chews on the tip of his pipe. "An excellent oppertuneteh ter conferm dah competence 'o dah new host" he says to himself as he puts back the poster. "Ef mah memoreh permits et w'en dah time comes...

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[!] The rather crispy and injured Javali walked up slowly to the notice board within the hall of Parsha, rubbing her hand over her frills. She holds onto her beloved Abornazine spear, looking with a squint at this rather fancy paper upon the Parsha wall. 

"While not enjoy spirits often, would like information on crow.. taking Stevie was just plain cruel." 

A clawed finger would tap upon her lip, before roaring out from the hall towards her Javali friends and family. 



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