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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

Ser Oliver Pendragon

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Ser Oliver Pendragon

Leader Of The House Pendragon


Artist: Unknown

Sketch of Ser Oliver After the Siege of Myrefall


General Information:

Age: 25.

Gender: Male.

Race: Gravican.

Languages: Gravican, Common.

Relationship Status: Engaged to Lady Katherine.

Likes and Interests: Aspiration, Anoma, His house and people.

Dislikes: Genocide, world threatening events.

General Description:
Standing at 6,2” and around 185 pounds the man is not easily threatened, his brown locks now starting to darken as his age begins to show, usually found wearing his Armor forged by the legendary smith Kofrin, he looks like a Dragon within it. A rather muscular being, he has Grey steel eyes and a beard to match his hair.


Small Personal History:
Born into a noble family upon the edges of Gravican Society, Oliver would be raised alongside his two older brothers and three younger sisters, the family remained inseparable as they grew together, the occasional sibling dispute would be heard off however each carrying their duty with pride, the eldest boy Aaron Pendragon the future heir of the House carries the weight the most, Oliver was Destined for Knighthood, and after providing three completed trials ascended to the rank of Ser, However soon enough word came from the emperor that the time had come to start sending Gravican’s to the new lands of Anoma, and soon it became apparent the Pendragon’s would be required to do so as well, Ser Oliver Was the first choice, keeping the eldest two Brothers at home incase of any incident however it was quickly apparent that Oliver would require help, which came in the form of his Sister, Lucille Pendragon together they travelled from the old world and set up the new Pendragon house upon the shores of Anoma.


Ser Oliver is a leader through and through, his military mind making the hardest tasks seem like a gentle stroll through a meadow, his keen eye for gold also provided quick ascension within the Lands of Anoma, for all off his shortcomings the man will put everything on the line for his friends and House.



Ser Oliver’s skills:


Ser Oliver’s ability with swords was always well documented, it became apparent he was an avid match for even his older brothers, the only man to have truly been better within the House in the old world was Ser Percival Siegmeyer, a man who has now joined Ser Oliver within Anoma.

Due to his Natural commanding tone and Charisma Oliver finds it easy to lead in situations, he can make his five men seem like 100, using simple moral boosting and his tactful mindset. He has earned the respect of the people around him through and through.

He projects this in spades full as he provides calm and neutral leadership and counseling to all, knowing he is relied upon only boosts his drive for betterment, and he knows he cannot falter and finds himself standing firm in the face of absolute adversity.


Ser Oliver’s Treasures:
The man doesn’t hold much physical value in the world as he tends to either give away the treasures he finds upon his adventures to be better used by his men, however the one Item he does keep would be his sword gifted to him by father Yuletide.

Calixubra: A greatsword imbued with a Yazyk Light rune that never needs to be recharged, not enough to blind someone however it does provide light in the darkest of places.


Soon to be married to the Lady Katherine of Myrefall, Ser Oliver is overjoyed with the thought of marriage, she has taken strides to keep him grounded when they days get tough and the man is stressed.

Close Friends:


Ser Dursow Deiphaladras: One of the first men he met upon Anoma, he instantly found himself a life long friend, from leading the Knights and squires Ser Dursow was a warm welcome to the house, His intellect unmatched, and helps provide Oliver with good council

Ser Blarn Houndfang: Ser Blarn’s natural ability for combat makes him the perfect drill sergeant, he is tough and willing to work, Oliver respects the Giant greatly.

Ser Emrys: Oliver’s most outspoken Ally when things are bad however the man will not hesitate in telling Oliver when he is wrong, he has earned the House’s respect for this.



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