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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

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Draqthul Flamescale

AKA Chieftain of the ashenclaw, Bonesmith of parsha

A tall javali male- Draqthull is always ready for battle, by using his bone weapons and pyrokinesis to fight anything in his way!

General Information about Draqthull

Age: 35 Ages

Gender: Male

Race: Javali - Lizardfolk

Languages: Javali, Common

Relationship Status: Taken

Likes: Fighting, Weapons, Writing, Collecting beast parts, Begashi Bisons

Dislikes: Cheese, Krakens

Physical Description: Draqthull is a 7'0 Javali, covered in Red scales and adorned with Gray frills.  Draqthull has a strong build made for war.  his full body is adorned with carvings of orange javali runes. Draqthull wears only a set of pants with a few layers of fur from random animals around his middle.




Draqthull's Skills

Hunting: Being an Anoma native, and even more so being a Lizardfolk, Draqthull has undergone training for  upperclass hunting skills the majority of his life. And knows almost all the beasts of anoma, Draqthull has been taught tactics about leadership and group hunts.

- Woodworking (Current Profession Level ~ Journeyman Beastsmith) : Draqthull is well trained in the art of bonesmithing and is able to turn almost every beastpart into some sort of weapon or armor.  This helped him gain the trust of many of his clan mates. Making special weapons adjusted to there likes and skill.

- Cooking (Current Profession Level ~ Journeyman Chef) : Draqhull learned all his cooking from his mate Um'pluk. Hes able to cook any piece of  beast meat to the perfect temprature. Nothing special but he gets the job done.


Draqthull Treasures

- Meteorite-Tungsten Armguards : A special made set of armguards made by the dwarfs. fitting only the javali chieftain. Draqthulls most used weapon in hand to hand combat.

- Flame Breaker: an ancient weapon design that Draqthull got from his grandfather. a weapons that is used in the Ashenclaw to kill and destroy anything that comes in its path. Made out of the tooth of a Fire Drake and the handle of meteorite or tungsten.

A Bubbles Pot: This small clay pot was handmade by Um'pluk herself. At the lip of the pot there is  a line engraved all around, as well as at the bottom. On the side of the pot would be a rather well made portrait of the Javali known as "Bubbles", with little circles around her face. There would be little circles inscribed on the lid as well.

Small Wooden Carving: A roughly carved statue is seen to be made with love and care. Careful details were made despite it looking like a simplistic carving, very few incidental marks were made. The light tan wood, smeared with paint around the statues seemed to resemble Draqthull the "Chieftain of Ashenclaw". This statue was created by Miltok, a younger Javali of Ashenclaw. 


Draqthul's Current Relationships

The following lists are ranked from closest to most distant. 

Draqthul's Personal Relationships:

Beloved ~ Those of Draqthull's company he will fight to his last breath to protect.

  • Um'pluk Vibrantfang ~ His mate who he loves more than anything and will die for her if he need to.
  • Ano'ki Wildshot  ~ Like his adopted son, Draqthull will do anything in his power to make sure Anoki lives a safe life of joy and war.
  • Dursow ~ one of Draqthull closest friends. who taught him all kinda of new things from the old world.

Close Friends ~ Draqthull will fight and protect them, but will not die in the process. 

  • Kofrin - A weird little dwarf but draqthull seems him as a friend
  • Grombrindal - Probably one of his oldest friend and a loyal ally
  • Kavrala - Draqthull doesnt know Kavrala for a long time but feels like he can trust her
  • Aki - A small owlfolk girl that seems to clean everything up that Draqthul does
  • Silent - Draqthulls second best friend in the beastfolk nation. He tries to get more maksha to join his nation so shes not lonely

Acquaintances ~ These are those he greets kindly, and is cordial with. 

  • Iris Bearmaster - a small Gorney that makes Draqthull laugh (He also things shes a child)
  • Blarn Houndfang - Weird guy but brings quite alot of beastparts to Draqthul.
  • Mystery - A hate/love relationship

Dislikes ~ Those who have left a rather bitter taste in the Javali's mouth. Not enough to lash out, but enough to make him grumpy. 

  • Enar Wyvernblod - A rather loud small threat. Constantly talking a big game, but seems not to have lots to back it up. 


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