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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

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Blarn Houndfang

The Jotunn Smith


Weaponsmith, Viking, Knight

General Information:

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Giantsblood

Languages: Fluent speaker of Jötunntunga and Common

Relationship Status: Single

Likes and Interests: Blacksmithing, Combat, Hunting, Salmon, Chickens and Butchery.

Dislikes: Despises Corruption, Unhonourable People, Dark Magic.

Voice:  Stoick

Physical Description: Blarn is a pale, large, muscular and bulky giantsblood, standing at 6’9 with rather broad shoulders. Taking quite good care of himself hygiene wise, but Blarn simply lacks the care to give for the appearance of his thick dark red hair covering most of his head and the long, combed beard that covers his face. Often he can be found wearing either his armour or general animal pelts.


General Backstory: Growing up on the Isles of Viggo, Blarn was often travelling as is typical for a Giantblood clan, but he would spend most of it listening to the many tales his uncle told of great beasts and battles that were passed through the Houndfang generations. And while settled in a location, he would often learn how to forge weaponry by his father, it would later become a great passion and source of pride for the giantsblood to continue the traditions of forging weapons in his clan. After his uncle died by being attacked by a bear infected with feravirus, Blarn would go on to leave the rest of his Clan and travel to Anoma in search of more beasts to hunt and different methods of forging.


Personality: Much like others of his Clan, Blarn is very straightforward and blunt. However often quite passive to those he meets who don’t pose a threat, while he enjoys cracking jokes to those he knows, but like all giantsblood he can be easily angered.


Blarn’s Skills


Weaponsmith: From a young age Blarn was taught giantsblood forging to create different weapons, taking care and putting all of his effort and attention into each weapon he forges to ensure it’s quality and value. Overtime, this has developed into learning kinds of weaponry from other cultures, and even gunsmithing.


Hunting and Butchery: The skills he was taught by his uncle and mother was that every giantsblood would need learning both how to track and kill a creature, and then how to skin and butcher it for its hide, meat and other materials that can be gathered. A skill that has come in handy a great deal many times.


Battle: A straightforward yet varied skill, having learnt from both experience and being taught by fellow giantbloods Ori Ironskull and Enar Wyvernblod. Blarn has learnt skills for battle with almost as many weapons as he can forge, but primarily Blarn is proficient with an axe, longbow, warhammer, spear and hand to hand.


Blarn's Treasures: 

A Dwarven Waraxe - A waraxe gifted to him by his close friend Ser Oliver Pendragon when he became a squire, Blarn treasures it as it was his first waraxe and a reliable weapon that has served him well over the years.

Tyrfinglr Hammer - An eldingar hammer that was gifted to him by Yuldrink Valgardosson, despite being rather top heavy with a short handle it has proven itself a worthy and capable weapon time and time again, treasured by Blarn. 

Boy's Longbow - A longbow carved from solid oak and stood at 7ft tall with a small wolf and a large bear carved into the arms of the longbow, hand made and gifted to Blarn by his mentor and friend Enar Wyvernblod. 


Current Relationships





Close Friends

Mahogany Warble - The first person he met on Anoma and soon one the first person the young giantblood befriended. It’s always a cheerful time for Blarn to see Warble.


Ser Emrys Wylt - Another close friend Blarn has made while being the smith of Myrefall, befriended after his many visits to the doctor with broken ribs and stab wounds. Blarn is quite protective over his lanky half elven friend.


Dursow Deiphaladras - The mentor of Blarn who helped the young giantblood when he first came to Anoma with many different things, teaching him history and the different locations of Anoma. Blarn is also quite protective over this lanky elven friend.


Enar Wyvernblod - The first other giantsblood Blarn has met on Anoma and a good friend and mentor, teaching Blarn how to fight unarmed and alternative techniques when it comes to hunting. Blarn respects and misses his mentor/friend after the unfortunate battle with a Hydra. 


Draqthul - A tall and cheerful Javali that Blarn met during a market event, he buys all of Blarn's beast parts for a good price and often makes the giantblood laugh. Blarn looks forward to a time seeing Draqthul hunt or fight.

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