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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

The Warbler - Mahogany Warble (Character INFO)

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'Your local swashbuckling bastard.'





Full Name:      Mahogany Warble
Nicknames:    M W, Warbler, Chitters
Gender:          Male
Age:                35yrs ( 10 ages )
Race:              Half-Elf Halfblood ( Carribard Oe Il'han, Halfblood )
Height:            5'10"
Languages:    Common, Carrib ( Eastern Armusian )


Physical Appearance

Warble is a man of upright swooning structure and sinewy athletic build, sliding and swaggering on his feet. His face is a rounded triangular shape with sharpened cheekbones, shoulder length wavy crimson hair and a slim trimmed goatee. His upper body is vividly covered in small scratches and scarring he often proclaims are from ‘whip practice, prior brawls, family’ or simply ‘fun times’.

The Spaniard has passionate and hatefully burning red eye’s, often covered by cylindrical black shades to ward off panic and/or to hide his blooded nature.

He adorns flamboyant Carribidian attire fitted with high leather boots, red flowing silks and many’a pockets to hide all kinds of tricks and knick knacks. Jewels splay as rings on his fingers and hooped earrings at his pointed ears. If he were to open his mouth wide enough, one of his fangs has even been replaced with a gold tooth.

Personality (Simplified)

Mahogany’s attitude strongly revolves around manners, bravery and justification, extraordinary expectant to be given a proper first impression. His attitude is highly romanticized, often incidentally flirtatious through charming speech and witty remarks about this or that.

With his pompous attitude can come trouble as his mood can switch like a light when provoked, and even when not, he’ll always be trying to weasel his way into causing a spar if he deems the other ‘worthy enough’.

The rest you can find out for yourself <33


Skills and Talents

  • ‘The Perfect Halfblood’: Warble is a violent remousless brawler, extraordinarily talented from years of brutal training emplaced by his infamously dangerous family. He often sticks to fasttime weapons such as; single and dual wielding  swords; bullwhips, snake whips and other snapping weaponry; pistols; crossbows; and anything he can manage to get his hands on.


  • Demonologist: Growing up in a family consisting of blooded and demonic culture, Warble is usually extremely likely to know any sort of basic devil knowledge asked.


  • Sneaky Bastard: Warble is usually always down with the gossip of neighboring towns, settlements and other points of interest. If he deems a person worthy he may just sell information for something more valuable to the other. 
    The Spaniard is just as talented with knives and knowledge as he is with stealth, given the right tools he’ll be just as willing to do some eavesdropping and snatching… if paid of course.


Voice Cannon - Antonio Banderas

Theme - For The Departed by Shayfer James


Artwork by DearNightfall    -    Writing and Character by ouch.kun


Edited by ouch.kun
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