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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

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Emrys Wyllt

The Scholar of Seasons


Scholar, Knight, Frequent Alcoholic

General Information

Age: 33 (8 Eras)

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Elf (Armusian Ue Il’ha)

Languages: Fluent speaker of Classical Elven and Common

Relationship Status: Taken

Likes: Learning, Music, The smell of an aged book, Wisteria, Whiskey.

Dislikes: Corruption, Melodramatic Villains, Trophy Hunting

Voice: Hbomberguy


Physical Description: Emrys is a lanky fellow standing at just 6’2” with some muscle definition to his figure. He Appears usually with a prim appearance, taking the time to meticulously take care of his hygiene and make sure he’s always camera ready, a bad habit he got from his father. The fellow has a head of lighter brown hair usually slick back except for an unmanageable fringe, and his eyes are of a pale mint color, a rarity among his Ue Il’ha ancestors. He’s usually seen in something neat, like a stylish coat and trousers, or his knight armor.

General Backstory: Emrys was born and raised in the old world by his parents Myridden and Nennian Wyllt in a small town in Armusia. His parents were an odd couple, his mother being a spring elf from Dahu and his father a prolific merchant king. Emrys didn’t think much about it while growing up, until his father left one day with his mother in tears. Emrys expected his father to return, and kept practicing the skills his father taught him while his mother taught him the art of healing through medicine and alchemy. When he grew to be 13, his mother remarried and had another kid, a daughter, and that was when Emrys realized his father would never return. The lad then started to train and further his skills, taking on jobs to support his new family til he was the age of 20, where he began to study the world around him with an insightful eye and realized his true calling of being a scholar.

Personality: Tired but polite. A caring soul that is ultimately plagued by people’s stupidity. Careful about his manners and chivalrous, preaching the ideals whenever he can.

Emrys’ Skills

Medical Expertise: From an early age Emrys was taught by his mother the art of being a doctor, from how to cure minor wounds to how to sew a damaged lung. There’s few ailments that Emrys doesn’t know how to cure, like a severed head, thats out of his paygrade. This also came with the knowledge of basic alchemy, minor potions to ease pain were things he often made with his mother from time to time.

Swordsmanship: If there was one thing that his father taught him, it would be the art of the sword. Emrys is prolific with the sword, favoring rapiers and one-handed blades especially.

Emrys’ Current Relationships


Nennian Wyllt - The loving and caring mother of Emrys. Without her, he is unsure where he’d be or how he would’ve been.

Warble - The sun dipped rose that shines in the red waves of the horizon. The one Emrys’ heart belongs to.

Close Friends

Ser Oliver Pendragon - His Knight captain and the first person he met when he came to Anoma. While he doesn’t always see eye to eye with Oliver, and frequently chastises the man, he considers the man a close friend.

Blarn Houndfang - Another close friend. While he doesn’t always see the sense in the giantblooded life style, Blarn always brings a smile to the tired man.

Dursow Deiphaladras - A full spring elf for whom Emrys is secretly in awe at. Dursow is a pleasant fellow, and Emrys owes much to him.


Template from Punkinator919.  3D model made in Heroforge.

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