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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

Soveliss Rayvistyrn

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A short Ue Il’ha(Spring Elf) stood before you silently, with two Persian turquoise eyes. She had sharp features with harsh black eyebrows and angled cheekbones. Her skin was unusually light, and her dirty blonde hair was usually had neatly in multiple buns. She had a significant scar that trailed down from her forehead to the bottom of her cheek on the right eye. Another rather notable thing was the shortness of her ears, they were of course still elven, but rather short compared to that of common Spring Elves.





Soveliss Rayvistyrn

















Introverted, Quiet, Thoughtful, Blunt, Honest






Ue Il’ha (Spring elf)




“You’ve lost Soveliss. Go home, girl. You can’t do nothin’ but read books an’ cry. Go home.”

Soveliss remembered those words, all too well. For they came from her own brother. With the multiple wars waged over the years, her family being heavily involved in almost all of them, the girl never got time for herself. Never got to have fun with her father, play ball with her brother, read books with her mother. She was too young too fight, and even more so to understand. She wanted to help then. But she never could. Every time she offered to, she was quickly turned down and told to go ‘read a book’ or ‘clean something’.


But-- I’m over cleaning! I don’t want to clean anymore, everything is already clean and- and I want to help you, you always leave me alone, I just want to- I just wanna-”


Go home Soveliss! Go home.”


 It ended the same every time.

She would run to the small home, her teeth gritted, and her cheeks wet from sobbing, of once more being disappointed, disappointed, and alone. Most people would’ve loved to have a little girl running around and cleaning all the time, but to this girl it was hell. She always came back to it being neatly clean, it was never dirty because almost no one but her came inside. And if not for her it would’ve been riddled in the dust as if no one had gone in it for years. The most time her family had ever spent in it, if she had to guess, had to have been a day or less. 

While she could remember being in it for years.

She memorized each little crack, each book, each pan and pot, and bowl. She’d rearranged the room at least 13 or 15 times. Never checked the storage for food, because she knew it would be empty anyway. She had read the same 10 books at least 20 times each, could recite each one word for word, and the old toys destroyed by the time were almost unusable by then. She always hated it when she had to go out to the market. Watch all the other little girls with their pretty dresses and new dolls. Hated watching the little boys play with new toys and wooden figurines with fake swords. But the thing the girl despised was watching them walk with their mothers and fathers. So close together. Holding hands. Happy. Healthy. Loved. They were everything she wanted.


And everything she could never have.


And it angered her, each time reality slapped it in her face, that she would never be loved, the way she deserved to be. How she knew, even at so small, how her life was lacking.


Most of the things the girl knew she had taught herself, taught herself how to cook, how to read, how to write, how to properly clean. She made many mistakes throughout all, perfecting each skill as best as a small girl could through her years. And never once did she really need to learn how to fight, but she always longed to. It was the one thing that the girl didn’t know how to teach herself, didn’t know where to start. It’s not like she could ask her parents or brother if she even knew where they were. In all honesty, she could guess they were either out fighting, or out drinking. And there was never an in-between.


Until one day, the girl was surprised to awake to be shaken on the shoulder roughly, she furrowed her brows, “W-Wha--.. What is this?? Who are you?” The girl demanded, using her elbow to hit away the hand shaking at her shoulder, it seemed it was still dark out, as she had to squint to see the face of whom was shaking her, it was her brother, shaking and terrified, and obviously still tipsy. The girl furrowed her brows, noticing the light reflecting off tears that had been running down his face, she immediately sat up to wipe them away, “What is it brother, what is going on?” He simply shook his head, “We have to leave, we have to leave now.” She raised a brow, “Is it war again?” He nodded, but this struck her as strange, their family was always ready for war, this wasn’t the first time she was woken like this, but it was the first time she had ever seen him genuinely panicking. 


"What’s going on? Where's mom?? What about dad?”


She finally asked as they both stood, grabbing a few clothes and coin, as well as a book or two before quietly leaving the home to the city bustling with panicking citizens, and soldiers quickly rushing them away, as well as more soldiers running in groups towards the opposite direction. But her question was left in the dark of the night as her brother ushered her along, and refused to answer, his sword at his side. However, as her brother looked back he suddenly gasped, “Watch it!” The man screamed before she was suddenly pushed to the ground, a flaming arrow making a loud whir as it bounced off a wall behind them. Her brother didn’t give her a moment to even take in what had happened as she was suddenly yanked up by her arm and running, watching as multiple more arrows landed in a place of where she had just been. Her eyes slightly widened as the fear and realization of how much danger they were really in came to her. 


She continued to run and follow her brother, however, seeing no other opportunity or choice left. Heavy smoke covered the sky, which shined a bright red and orange, buildings were littered with bows and arrows, broken swords, and wounded citizens and soldiers, some even being dead. Her eyes for the first time looked upon the city not in disgust, and at the people not as if they had stolen what belonged to her. She did not look at them with jealousy of what they had. She looked at the city she had taken for granted, her eyes slightly watered as her throat closed up. The once beautiful city, crumbling down before her, and she never had the chance to ever take in the beauty of the floral covered place. Animals were always common in the city, and it was covered in beautiful greenery, flowers, and huge trees, beautiful animals, and kind people.


All of which, she never noticed.


Her brother yanked her to get out of her trance, and focus on the situation at hand, “You may sulk later when we are not running for our lives!” The girl quietly nodded, did not protest, she followed along quietly, however her brother suddenly fell with a yelp of pain, her arm being yanked towards the ground, her eyes widened as she looked down, it seemed as he was pulling her along, one of the arrows had deeply embedded in his foot, she looked around frantically and noticed a door open to an old, now destroyed, home, she wrapped her arms under his shoulders and pulled him along as quickly as she could, grunting at the weight of him, her brother doing his best to help her with his working leg. As they got inside she slammed the door shut and locked it, running around the house to look frantically for something- anything, to help her brother.


Her eyes caught sight of the curtain to the window, everything else being just about ruined or taken, she unsheathed her brother’s heavy sword, using it to slice at the curtain, finally getting a rather long strip she ran to his leg, swiftly pulling out the arrow to hear him bite his tongue to stop a scream of agony, and wrap the curtain around his leg swiftly, “W-We can clean this out late--” The girl was interrupted by loud banging coming from the door, the banging turning into slamming as wood from the bent and broke, the metal screeching loudly. Her eyes widened, as she looked from her brother to the door, she grasped the sword with both hands, facing the door nervously, hearing her brother quietly trying to get her to just leave him behind.


She ignored his quiet attempts and watched as the door in front of her was burst open. As the soldiers saw the small girl in front of them wield the sword fiercely.. They laughed, using their swords to hit against her own harshly, knocking her off balance as they chuckled,


The men commented, moving into the room further. 


The girl sat quietly as the word echoed from the men throughout her room, the tears that were streaming down her face were littered with dirt from being knocked over, her ears drooping down as she wiped her eyes, shaking her head.


That was the last straw for Soveliss, she quietly reached for the sword, slowly stumbling up before she raised it, charging for the soldiers as they looked towards her in surprise, one luckily paying attention to the girl unsheathed his sword, and was able to get a clean slice at her face, the foolish soldier thought it was enough, not expecting such a small child to be able to handle such pain well, and did not follow through with the cut, wanting to save the small girl for later, probably to enslave or otherwise. However, he was surprised as a sword was suddenly shoved into his gut, he screamed in agony. The girl did not stop, quickly removing the sword and slashing at the next soldier’s legs, the third soldier who had noticed the commotion unsheathed his sword as the girl backed away from the second fallen soldier as to not get cut by him. She stared towards the third harshly and waited patiently for him to charge, in which the panicked soldier quickly did, forgetting the size of the girl, his sword nicked her ear, as the girl raised her sword, before swiftly bringing it to swing under the man’s raised arm, and heard a loud agonized scream as her sword sliced the side of his rib-cage. The last soldier fell, and she quickly ended both him and the second soldier. Before tiredly sitting down to take in what had just happened.


Her tears began to stream once more, thinking of how much trouble she was in. She just killed someone, no not someone, three people.. Her, Soveliss, the small ‘runt’ of her family who cleaned, and only read books, had killed three trained men! 


However, her thoughts were quickly interrupted as her brother set a hand on her shoulder, and nodded approvingly, 

"It’s alright.” The man said, words that the small girl had never ever heard from him, “I never woulda' thought, my sister, was such a killer.” He said as a keen smile formed over his face, “But now isn’t the time for praise, I got an idea.”


But a few moments later, she and her brother exited the house, her brother having stolen soldier’s clothes, Soveliss being dressed as a prisoner. They swiftly left the home without much problem and left the city entirely even moreso easily, the other soldiers being too busy to care who they were, and only really caring that they were wearing such things. They got to a lone tavern, rushing in as they explained the situation, knowing the tavern was aligned to their city, the tavern quickly helped them, fixing her brother’s wounds and offering him clothes, which he took, keeping the soldier’s clothes in his bag. Soveliss offered to pay, but the tavernkeeper refused, understanding what they had been through was enough, and by the looks of the sword sheathed at her brother’s side, it seemed he had served for something. 


The tavernkeeper understood that it was best he pack his things and leave, and they of course agreed. They were about to part ways with the tavernkeeper before he stopped them both, 

"Aye, ye two heard of Anoma?”

The two looked at each other rather confused, before shaking their heads,

"Go to de’ port, righ’ ere’. Tell de’ man wit’ funky glasses an’ eyes tha’ Circelm sent ye’.” 

The man said, tapping a place on a map he handed them, seeing that the two had nowhere else to go, they nodded, finally parting ways with the tavern, and soon found themselves at the port. They found the halfblood the tavernkeeper was speaking of, and he simply chuckled as they explained the situation, “Aye, can give ye’ a ride. Don’ worry about pay, ye’ll be workin’ on deck while we goin’ nere.”


Not long after, the two were on a boat towards Anoma, doing shit tons of work on the ship, having to clean, switch the sails, serve food, and much more, but otherwise, the ride was enjoyable enough, for the size of the ship it didn’t have much a crew, giving them more to work to do, but they were glad they didn’t have to give the man a fortune to leave. She never asked once more what happened to her parents, after so long, it didn't take a rocket scientist to guess what happened to them. And she knew it would deeply pain her brother if she were to ask about them once more.

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