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The countdown at the Gate has hit zero

A gigantic surge of mana plumes the entrance of the Gate. The Rapturous Beast begins to wake up.

The City of Shadeholm is Open

The city of eternal night, Shadeholm, is now providing free passage to any from Anoma.

Volkmar - The Sword of Order

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Angel rhapsody Regular










"You are a fool Volkmar. A murderer. You do not belong with these people. You are the spawn of evil." The booming voice would state with the force of a thousand.

"You were not made for this world. You were not made to serve men. You were only made to serve me."






Known as: “Sir Volkmar.”

Full name: Volkmar Cynric de Godwin; Formerly known as Volkmar Von Rauken.

Nicknames and Aliases:

'Volkmar the Pale'

'The Sword of Order’

'The “Lucky” Fella’

Age: He is 27 years of age. His grey hair and facial hair, and generally grumpy behavior at times gives off the appearance of a much older man.

Gender: Male. 

Race: Human; Armusian.

Social Status: Wandering Soldier. Original member of the Fellowship of the Grail, and a Grail Knight within the Order.

Height: 6'4.

Current Home: Small Hut: Outside of Château de Lancashire

Religion: Despite his origins and nature, he is a devoted follower of Sequestus. Devotion is his escape from a terrifying reality.

Voice: [x]







"With me you can accomplish anything you want. You do not have to hide anymore. With me you can live at peace." It whispered with warm welcome.

"Then, Volkmar. Who do you serve."












Brave; first through the door Volkmar is often found. This has led to many heroic victories, and scarring defeats.



Tough Soldier; Volkmar is not a weak and undisciplined recruit, having nearly over three years of experience in training and almost all of that here on Anoma. Due to his training and experience, it has molded him into a capable warrior.



Duelist; Volkmar is fond of and clearly prefers one on one combat. A show of honour and skill.


Holy Warrior

Holy Warrior; the man is blessed by the deity known as Sequestus. This is likely emphasized by his zealous demeanor, on occasion.



Scarred; this individual has seen the heart of battle many times and come back with numerous souvenirs. Grievous wounds have since healed.


Kind; in nature. This individual rarely does things out of spite.


Humble; he knows when to acknowledge his betters. It is partially what helps keep his own anger in-line, and sometimes it works.


Trusting; Volkmar places a lot of trust and hope within those he considers friends or general companions.


Strong; this individual has whether through training or other means achieved peak physical strength.



Wroth; when all else fails Volkmar is prone to giving into his most primal of traits.



Lustful; a rarely seen trait, yet it remains there, much to his own dissatisfaction.



One-Legged; fights with the demonic can be costly. Has since healed but the effects are traumatizing.


Possessed; a trait that would surface from time to time. At night when he is the least at guard his mind would be visited by the lures of demonic beings. This trait has not been in effect for quite a while.







"God." He answered.

"A fool I am. But this fool was granted a purpose. For that I am ever grateful. You are no longer the one who controls me."






To be documented


((Special thanks to Hugh for allowing me to use his amazing format. Was fun to make. Character changed a bit during the writing of it.))

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